Vintage book as a holder for rings


You can organize a stylish and original celebration with the help of creative ideas. The more you use unusual solutions and beautiful little things in your wedding design, the more vivid and individual it will turn out.

The portal offers to bring creativity and personality to your holiday, which has found an interesting and not at all expensive workshop for you on making an original holder for rings. We are sure that you will like this idea, and you will gladly turn it into reality!

Book - holder for rings

Materials and tools:

  • Old book;
  • 1 long thick tape;
  • 1 thin short ribbon;
  • pencil;
  • figured hole punch;
  • glue;
  • scissors.


about 2 hours.

Detailed instructions:

Getting to work! The first steps will be preparatory. Take an old unnecessary book and pick two ribbons to it in color. The cover of the book can be selected in accordance with the color scheme of the wedding. The length of one ribbon should be sufficient to tie a beautiful bow (about 60 cm). The length of the second tape that the rings will be attached to may be slightly shorter.

Book and Ribbon Selection

One of the main tools is a curly hole punch, with the help of which it will be easier for you to make the same curly cuts on book pages. Also make a simple pencil.

Hole punch and pencil

Now we go directly to the master class itself. Browse through the book and select the page on which you would like to place your rings. Try to choose pages with beautiful titles, sayings, poems, or romantic pictures..

Page selection

If necessary, you can tear out unnecessary pages from the book. The book may tear, so there should be glue on hand to glue the torn part.

Tear out unnecessary pages

Next, you need to decide in which place to make curly cuts. If possible, make cutouts away from the edge of the pages..

Making a curly neckline

Another way that helps make cuts in the same place is to draw a curly cutout with a pencil. Make a hole punch on the first page. Then draw with a pencil this cutout from the inside so that its contours are visible on the next page. Cut the page with a hole punch along the drawn outline. In the same way, continue to cut the pages to the depth you need..


Depth is best done so that the wedding rings are freely located inside the book.

Making a deep dimple in a book

After cutting the pages, you can attach the selected ribbons. Start with the tape that will be on the outside of the book. Pull the tape through the slotted hole in the book and make a strong knot.

We tie the first tape

Tie the knot along the outer edge of the pages so that the book does not close at the junction with the knot.

Outdoor unit

Then take a thin and short ribbon and also pull it through the cut hole in the book. Tie a tight knot in the center of the free edge.

Tie a second ribbon

Then you can put on wedding rings on a thin ribbon.


It often happens that brides make a strong knot for the safety of the rings and their own confidence that the symbol of love will not be lost. Do not tie tight knots on ribbons! You can fix the rings with a neat bow. So you can easily remove the rings at the most exciting moment..

Make a bow

After the rings are attached, you can tie a beautiful bow on the outside.

Outdoor bow

Make sure that the bows are tied beautifully and neatly. If desired, excessively long tape ends can be cut with scissors.

Align the edges of the ribbons

The original and unusual holder for wedding rings is ready. Very stylish and beautiful find for your wedding!

Ready holder for rings from the book

Application options

The choice of the holder for the rings, as well as other accessories for the wedding, should be based on the general concept of the wedding celebration. The idea chosen by to create a holder for rings from a book will be appropriate at a theme wedding. For example, an old book holder for rings is suitable for a vintage wedding or a celebration in the style of boho. A book stand with children's tales and stories can be used as part of a wedding with an adventure or a fairy tale.

And you can do this: put a classic pillow for rings inside the book, making a hole corresponding to the parameters of the pillow. A very beautiful and new solution, isn't it?!

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We wish you that this decorative store will help to preserve not only the rings, but also your feelings!