Vintage wedding programs


If you want every detail of your wedding to breathe individuality, try to take part in creating your own wedding accessories yourself. Things that you do yourself will always be considered unique and exclusive. Do not spend a lot of money to make an original accessory.

The site offers to buy cardboard and some fabric to create stunning wedding celebration programs. They will indicate the time of the most important events of the day - a wedding ceremony, a banquet, a wedding. Programs are distributed to guests before the wedding or sent along with invitations. They will allow guests to better imagine the structure of the evening. You can even provide details, such as the time of the wedding cake or the time to drop the bouquet. It all depends on your imagination.

Vintage wedding programs

Materials and tools:

  • decorative card or cardboard;
  • plain card or cardboard;
  • rough fabric (tarpaulin);
  • sewing machine;
  • threads
  • scissors;
  • Microsoft Word
  • a printer.


40-50 minutes.

Detailed instructions:

Wedding programs - this is a very necessary thing, which allows you to more accurately navigate the wedding scenario. In order to make small programs, you need decorative cardboard and tarpaulin. Our programs will have three pages, as well as a cover. It's time to start making vintage accessories!

Materials for the manufacture of programs

First you need to decide on the size of our program. The standard size of the postcard is used, i.e. approximately 20x10 centimeters. Our program will be vertical. First of all, it is necessary to develop the wedding program itself, as well as its design. This is best done in Microsoft Word, which has a lot of interesting fonts. Print the entire program on a printer on three pages. Make sure the page size matches the size of the cover.

We print the program on the printer

When our pages are ready, you need to think about how the cover will look. It is best to use thick cardboard. For the front side, choose decorative cardboard with patterns and drawings in a vintage style..

We select cardboard for the cover

In order to decorate the front side of the program, use an ordinary tarp, which is ideal for creating a vintage design. Fold the cardboard and paper pages together. Put a piece of tarpaulin on top, which is best cut in an unusual shape in advance. Use a sewing machine to fasten all the pieces of the program.

We fasten all parts of the program

You need to fasten them on the left side, because the program, like the book, we open from right to left. Now our programs are ready for use. Such original accessories will surely surprise guests.!

Ready program

Application options

Programs in vintage style will be an original addition to the wedding design. Such simple materials will help you create a very sophisticated accessory. Wedding programs can also be decorated with decorative ribbons and fabric. To create pages, use all kinds of bright fonts and frames. Also do not forget that guests are pleased when they are given attention individually. Do not be too lazy to specify the phrase in the program «Especially for full name». Guests will be surprised at your care and attention. Yes, and you yourself will be pleased to create beautiful and bright accessories yourself.

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On the wedding site you will find dozens of workshops on creating amazing wedding accessories. Most of them do not require any special knowledge and skill, and wedding expenses will be low. You just have to believe in your strength and show perseverance. You will receive wonderful vintage-style programs that will be the highlight of your wedding evening.