Fabric flowers - decorations for wedding sweets


Each guest is looking forward to a wedding cake, because this is one of the best wedding traditions. However, sometimes wedding cake or pastries can look a little boring. To add originality to wedding sweets, many confectioners use various creams and jewelry. However, you yourself can decorate your sweets for the wedding. To do this, you need to be a little savvy.

Recently, it is fashionable to make individual cakes for each guest, which are decorated with stylish accessories. The wedding portal www.articlewedding.com tells you how to decorate cakes and cakes on your own. You do not have to buy expensive jewelry or seek help from confectioners. Wedding cake decorations are easy to make yourself, using only improvised accessories for this. Beautiful flowers made of fabric will make your confectionery products original and fashionable. Such delicate accessories can be reused for almost any occasion, because they look cute and beautiful..

Beautiful cake decorations

Materials and tools:

  • sticks for candy;
  • strips of fabric;
  • thread;
  • needle;
  • hot glue gun;
  • buttons
  • zigzag scissors.


: 20-25 minutes.

Detailed instructions:

In order to make fashionable decorations for cakes and pastries, you need to find a dense fabric with a creative pattern. Try to choose a fabric for the color and style of your sweets or make contrasting decorations.

We will prepare the materials

Cut strips of fabric measuring 25x5 cm. To make decorations more playful, use special scissors to help you make zigzag edges of the fabric. Fold a piece of fabric in half in length, with the wrong side inward. Start collecting fabric with a needle and thread along the inside edge. You should have neat builds. To do this, sew stitches at approximately the same distance..

Fold the fabric in half
Start making stitches

Gradually, a piece of fabric will look like a flower. When you have finished your stitches, put the two edges of the fabric together. You will get a real flower made of fabric. The ends of the fabric must be stitched tightly with a thread to make a single accessory.

Connect the two edges of the fabric
It turned out a cute flower

Separate the two layers of fabric to attach a stick to the flower. Use a special gun and hot glue to firmly attach the stick.

Stick the stick to the cloth
The result was original jewelry

Decorations for the cake already look very nice, but they lack some final element. We use bright buttons for this, which will help hide the core and stitches. Using hot glue, attach the cores of our flowers. Instead of buttons, contrasting pieces of fabric, beads, etc. can also be used. Cute accessories for cakes and pastries ready!

Glue the buttons in the center of the flower
Glue the fabric in the center of the flower
Flower is ready

Application options

Such funny flowers will decorate absolutely any sweets. Just stick a stick in a pie, cake or cupcake.

There are many different ideas on how to decorate pastries in an original way. It can be flags from fabric, beautiful buds or flowers. You can also fill a heart with cotton wool and use this accessory to decorate the cake. Not only fabric ornaments, but also paper accessories look original..

You can try to implement several ideas at once, and then choose which one is best suited for your wedding celebration! Cupcakes with such decorations can even be used as wedding bonbonnieres!

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