Bridal bouquet of balls and beads


Everyone is used to seeing a bride at a wedding with a beautiful bouquet of roses or other flowers. However, such a bouquet is short-lived and does not always look fresh at the celebration. The site offers you to make an original bouquet with your own hands, and for this you will not need flowers at all.

In our master class, we are ready to share the idea of ​​how to create a bouquet of balls and beads. In fact, everything is quite simple and does not require special expenses. In the closet we can look for a box with New Year's balls, and buy beads and ribbons in the store. However, try to choose gentle colors so that the bouquet of balls does not look like it's Christmas or New Year's. A wedding accessory will be a wonderful addition to the image of the bride and will attract a lot of attention and curiosity. Be bolder in the implementation of interesting projects to become the most original bride!

Beautiful bouquet of beads and balls

Materials and tools:

  • spray can with gold paint;
  • metal twigs;
  • pieces of wire (20 cm each);
  • glass balls of various colors and sizes;
  • scissors;
  • glue gun;
  • golden braid;
  • golden ribbon.


45-60 minutes.

Detailed instructions:

In the manufacture of a bouquet for the bride from balls and beads there is nothing complicated. Just prepare all the materials, put them on the table in front of you. Now decide on the size of your bouquet. If you want a small and sophisticated bouquet, choose small balls, and vice versa. Choose the color of the balls for the style of the wedding, but it is best to opt for neutral tones..

Prepare materials for the manufacture of a bouquet

Before starting work, paint the leaves of your metal twigs in golden color and leave to dry for 24 hours. Now take pieces of wire and bend them 90 degrees above so that the wire adheres well to the ball.

Bend the wire

Using a gun, apply hot glue to the tip of the wire. Quickly lean the wire against the metal part of the ball and press. The glue should act quickly and connect the ball with the wire in a peculiar «flower».

Glue the wire
Glue the wire to the ball

Glue the wire to all the balls that you will use in the bouquet. Combine several «of flowers» together and tie with braid so that they are firmly held in a bouquet. Also, the braid will give the leg volume, so that your bouquet seemed natural, and it was convenient to hold in your hands.

Glue the wire to all the balls
Wrap the wire with braid

Now is the time to recall our metal branches, which can become the highlight of our bouquet. Insert one branch into each mini-bouquet, which will subsequently be combined into one large bouquet. Use more tape to firmly fasten all the elements of the accessory.

Let's prepare twigs for a bouquet
Insert a twig into a bouquet
We use a braid to secure the accessory

Combine the small bouquets together and wrap the accessory with a beautiful wide ribbon. This must be done from the bottom up, after gluing the tip of the tape to the wire. When you get to the bouquet itself, wrap the ribbon several times and tie a beautiful bow.

Wrap the tape around the wire
Tie a bow

So you made a wonderful wedding bouquet with your own hands. A bow will be a charming addition to the accessory. Simple and cute!

Beautiful wedding accessory

Application options

Isn't that a great idea? You can use almost any accessories to create such a charming bouquet. Balls, beads, pearls, beads - all this can come in handy in creating your wedding decoration. Such a bouquet can also be used in table decor. Just cook cute vases and arrange them in the center of the table.

Wedding bouquet of balloons
Balloons for a wedding bouquet
Unusual wedding bouquet
Bunch of beads
Bouquet of rhinestones and beads
Cute bouquet for the bride

Thanks to the site everyone can make an original souvenir or accessory for a wedding! Try your strength too!