Wedding Cupcakes: Stylish and Delicious


Any wedding banquet consists of a fairly large number of details and especially beautifully decorated dishes. However, the key action remains a tray of sweet culinary masterpieces, which, as usually happens, finish the first day of the wedding celebration. As soon as the matter at the wedding comes to its sweet part, the wedding cake comes to mind. However, do not be such a predictable young couple, and surprise all gathered guests not with a big cake, but with delicious and stylish wedding cupcakes. Frequent visitors to the wedding portal can confirm that such updates in the wedding menu will surprise absolutely all guests.

One of the most original ideas may be cupcakes with the names of your guests, which can be used not only as treats, but also as bonbonnieres and even seating cards.

Wedding cupcakes and their design
The sweet part of the wedding
To each guest on a cake
Small wedding cake
Specially Signed Cupcakes

Materials and Tools


  • special baking paper;
  • permanent paper;
  • scissors;
  • handle for decoration and inscriptions;
  • white packing paper;
  • ribbon;
  • shortcuts
  • exact list of invited guests.


: from 2 to 3 hours.

detailed instructions


First you need to bake these wedding muffins before actually decorating them. For this you need cupcake tins. After your wedding cupcakes cool down a bit, you can wrap them in the first layer of clear paper.

Bake wedding cupcake

Measure the immediate height of the resulting cupcake and wrap it in permanent paper, which will have to be held by the ribbon. So you not only visually decorate your culinary masterpiece, but also do not let those people who will eat these cupcakes get dirty.

Wrap in paper and add a ribbon

We fasten the ribbon, after which we attach special labels on which the names of the guests will be written. This way you can achieve even greater location on the part of invited friends and relatives. And we are counting on this ultimately.

We attach labels

After completing all the preparations, we serve warm and delicious wedding muffins to the table. When exactly to submit them is up to you. Remember that a light sweet snack will not harm even before a hearty and long feast, which any magnificent wedding can boast of.

We serve to the table

Application options

In this matter, the young couple herself will decide to serve such delicious and beautifully decorated cupcakes at the beginning of their wedding banquet or at the end. Candy bar treats, bonbonnieres or items to help your guests take the right places at wedding tables.

Another good option may be a direct treat of invited guests during wedding photography, which are attended only by the bride and groom. Many readers of the wedding news portal can assure you that while the newlyweds are away, invited guests and friends may get bored. But the company they can make such stylishly decorated name cupcakes, which, of course, will cheer them up.

As mentioned above, you can use these culinary masterpieces as seating cards for friends and acquaintances. So they can find out who is sitting and where, and also immediately taste the delicious small cakes with the heat of the heat. Among other things, you should not stop there, if it comes to the direct decoration of cupcakes.

Beautiful edible butterflies
You can attach greetings to cupcakes
A sweet moment for guests
Gratitude to guests with their own hands
Big and small cupcakes

In the end, I would like to add that many young couples want to really surprise everyone at their wedding. However, not many manage to do this. With your wedding cupcakes, you will be among the winners of this age-old dispute. There can never be much originality, so go for it and do what you want. After all, this day is only yours!