Topiary with candy - a sweet masterpiece for the celebration!


The upcoming holiday, no matter where it takes place: at home, in a restaurant or in nature, is simply unthinkable without sweets! You can offer your guests anything you want. The main thing is how to serve a sweet dessert. The more spectacular, brighter and more original the flow of sweets will be, the more likely it is that not only the children and the ones you cooked will approach the Candy bar «goodies» will appreciate.

Today, in a new master class, the wedding portal will demonstrate to us how you can combine edible things with inedible, while remaining original in your creation. The unusual sweet dessert that we offer you to make will make a real sensation at the festive evening!

Sweet tree topiary

Materials and tools:

  • miniature terracotta pots (color optional);
  • glue, glue gun;
  • sparkles;
  • polystyrene foam;
  • dry decorative moss;
  • green glaze;
  • small flowers from mastic;
  • lollipops;
  • pastry bag with nozzle «star».


40-60 minutes.

Detailed instructions:

Take your small pots and coat the top rim with a thin layer of glue. Then apply glitter of any color to the glue, if you want to give sweets a more festive look.

We cover the rims of the pots with sparkles

Now cut the polystyrene into small pieces and put inwardly on the bottom of the pots. Press tight so that they cannot pop out. In the center, stick the unpacked lollipop (lollipop). See how the picture is taken.

We put polystyrene foam and insert the candy

Temporarily take out the candy and in the place where the hole was formed, squeeze out a drop of glue, again stick the candy in its place. This will help fix the candy so that it does not fall out when you apply the glaze..

Next, glue the decorative moss on top of the polystyrene foam using glue from the gun. For such purposes, it is better to use hot melt adhesive..

Place the green icing in the pastry bag and start to circle the icing on the surface of the candy, creating an imitation of foliage. Do not leave spaces between «bunches» glaze! Your topiary will look better with thick «crown».

Put icing on the lollipop

If you have mastic leftovers, you can cut out flowers or other figures with special tins. You can, of course, use different ready-made decorative «with pranks» for sweets. Choose jewelry to your taste.

We decorate the topiary with flowers

The result is a wonderful tree that will become a delicious and stylish decoration of the wedding hall!

Application options

Based on this tutorial, you can experiment with «stuffing» your topiary, with a base, decorative ornaments. You can change the size of the sweet topiary, its packaging and other details.

Topiary in a bucket
Sweet topiary in the form of a flowerpot
Layered Topiary
Sweet topiary on candle stands
Marshmallow Candy Topiary
Candy Topiary
Chocolate Topiary
Chocolate Topiary
Topiary Cupcake

Using this simple way, you can create whole bouquets (including a bride’s bouquet) and a variety of caramel compositions. If you find an unusual framework base, then you can build a topiary of any shape, suggests

Instead of lollipops, chewing sweets or marmalade can be attached to a polystyrene foam base. And you can make a sweet topiary of mini cupcakes, which are so popular today.

Decorate your creations with ribbons, bows and colorful decorations, create a holiday on your table and delight your guests with pleasant surprises!