Backlit Multifunctional Leather Lotus Flower


If the main style composition of your wedding is connected with magic and magic, then miniature leather lotus flowers with bright bulbs will be very useful at a festive celebration. Place the luminous flowers in small clusters on the drapery, place them on the guest tables, maintain the general atmosphere with a muffled light and you will plunge into the mysterious captivating and inviting holiday atmosphere. A step-by-step guide for making a luminous lotus flower provides you with the wedding portal

Glowing Lotus Flower in Leather
Variations of a luminous lotus flower

Materials and tools:

  • leather;
  • marker;
  • round objects for a stroke;
  • LEDs
  • stationery knife;
  • water;
  • acrylic paints;
  • brush for painting;
  • hot glue gun.

Detailed instructions:

To make at least something out of molded leather, you need to choose the right type of leather material. High-quality leather does not deform when bent.

Leather base selection

First of all, you need to draw two circles of different diameters on leather material. For circles of regular shape, use objects with a round base.

Draw circles of different diameters

Depending on the purpose for which you will use luminous flowers, choose the appropriate color of the bulbs.

LED diode

Since the bulb will go through the center of the flower, it means that you need to draw small circles in each circle, where, subsequently, holes will be cut out for holding the diode bulb.

Drawing prospective light bulb holes

After this, it is necessary to draw the petals of the flower. Depending on the size of the circles, the number of petals will vary. In this case, eight petals came out in each circle. To draw symmetrical petals, draw eight points evenly spaced around the circumference, then eight dividing lines from the center between the petals. Now you can safely connect the petals with curved lines. If possible, use a stencil.

Petal drawing

Next, proceed to cutting the outline of the flowers. You can use a stationery knife or scissors. It is important not to cut the petals right up to the center of the flower, otherwise it will burst! Then soak the leather blanks in water. The recommended time for soaking is from 1 to 3 hours depending on the thickness of the starting material. You can soak the flowers all night. The main thing is that the flowers are completely immersed in water. You can put a weight on top.

Soaking leather blanks

After soaking, proceed to shape the petals with your hands. Work on a towel. Pay attention to the photo on how to fold the flower correctly. If you want to change the shape of the petals, work with your fingers when the product dries.

Petal Shaping

Leave the product flat on a towel to dry completely. Drying parts can take a considerable amount of time..

Drying parts

After the blanks are completely dry, you can proceed to the next step - dyeing flower products. For uniform coloring, apply several layers of acrylic paint of the chosen color. If you wish, you can combine colors, not be afraid of smudges, all this will only add originality and special charm to your products. Let the paint dry.

Dyeing flowers

Finally, you can attach the LED to the flower itself. For this, a smaller flower should be on the inside, and a larger flower on the outside. Through the openings in them, we conduct a light bulb. Using a glue gun for thermal bonding, glue the LED on the back side. In this case, you can be sure that the bulb does not fly off the flower.

Attaching the LED to the flower

Glowing lotus flower is ready for further use..

Application options

Decoration of the hall with flowers of unusual shapes and sizes is always relevant, beautiful and unusual. And you can decorate with flowers with integrated lighting anything. It is enough to show a little imagination and ingenuity to get an unusual decoration for a wedding. For example, the website offers you to make a garland of many similar colors, which you can hang out, both inside the banquet hall and outside at the entrance. In addition, backlit leather flowers can be used individually. Place one flower in a glass phase, and you get the original lighting design for the table. You can also use backlit leather flowers to create floral arrangements or to create an extravagant bridal bouquet. Such flowers will look very interesting as decorations and accessories to complement the wedding image of the young: a hair clip for the bride, a decor for the rim, a luminous boutonniere for the groom and so on..

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Naturally, in order to decorate a room for a wedding celebration, you will have to make not a small number of the same type of flowers. The main thing to remember is that the result from such jewelry will be simply stunning and amazing!