Creative flower pot table numbers


Recently, at weddings it is customary to use a seating plan for guests. To do this, it is worth working on the preparation of the plan itself, and you also need to consider an exclusive version of the design of numbering places. It would seem that it could be easier than making a white card with a drawn number? But no, this option will not work. You simply have to add a twist to every wedding accessory if, as a result, you want to get an exquisite wedding of your dreams.

In fact, there are tons of alternatives. In search of a distinctive and creative approach. Check out the tips below..

Using floristic compositions for original and non-standard design of table numbers is a great and unbroken idea! The options for creating seating cards with numbers on tables can be different, but the wedding portal offers you your idea of ​​making beautiful and bright numbers for tables.

Type of finished flower pot with number
Close view of the finished pot with number
Variants of writing numbers and identification symbols on pots

Materials and tools:

  • dark miniature flower pots (the number of pots depends on the number of guests invited);
  • white chalk marker (depending on the color of the pots, choose a marker color);
  • decorative flowers from felt;
  • double-sided adhesive tape in the form of dots;
  • polystyrene foam or floristic foam;
  • packaged floral moss;
  • wooden toothpicks.

Material List

Detailed instructions:

First of all, you have to stick a double-sided adhesive tape to one half of a felt flower, fix a wooden toothpick on the sticky side of the tape and attach the second half of the flower on the other side.

How to attach a toothpick to a flower

After that, put some polystyrene foam or floral foam inside each pot.

The amount of floristic foam in a pot

Then on top of the floristic foam you need to lay floristic moss.

Moss for decoration
How to place moss in a pot

Next, take three ready-made flowers of different heights and stick them into each pot.

How to fix flowers of different heights in a pot

Then, using the chalk marker, you need to number or apply the initials of the guests on each of the pots, which act as message boards. It will be better if you write the number and initials at the same time.

We write numbers of tables

Now we can say that your awesome table numbers are ready and you can use them. Thanks to such refined and extraordinary numbered pots, your guests will not mix up their places.

Application options

After the main wedding ceremony, take your time to throw away your hand-made work. You always have time to throw it away, better think about where and how else you can apply such pots with handmade flowers.

Use the advice of the site, which offers to replace felt flowers with any other: fresh, artificial, paper, bead flowers or odorous dried herbs. By slightly changing the content and decoration of the pots, you can use them to decorate your garden, enter the house, or similar pots can be used in the interior.

Modified flower pot
Using signed pots in the garden
The use of flower pots in the interior
Flower pot decoration with butterflies and flowers
The idea of ​​using flower pots at the entrance
The transformation of a flower pot

Of course, there are many ways to express yourself and reflect your personality while preparing for the wedding. Decorating guest tables in a fun or unexpected way is another opportunity to personalize your event and enhance your guest experience..

Be that as it may, be sure to take advantage of the creative idea of ​​registering numbers for your wedding as presented above. You will see that even such an insignificant, but peculiar approach to the preparation of the celebration will help to make it even more beautiful and festive!