"Blooming" stand - an accessory for seating guests


In anticipation of the wedding, it is necessary to make and provide for many details. Individually for each wedding, a huge number of important accessories are developed and manufactured..

An important and useful accessory that is needed for every wedding banquet is a seating plan for guests. The development and production of this wedding attribute requires certain effort and time. The portal www.articlewedding.com offers you a fresh idea for creating an exclusive scheme for seating guests at a wedding in the form of a decorative stand, which is framed. Let's try to translate the idea into reality!

Decorative stand with carnations

Materials and tools:

  • fresh cloves;
  • picture frame;
  • Styrofoam;
  • hairpins with pearls;
  • adhesive tape (electrical tape);
  • easel;
  • scissors.

Suitable material


1 hour 20 minutes.

Detailed instructions:

If you want yourself the same decorative scheme-stand, then you need to work a little. Let's get started! A base should be created on which fresh fragrant cloves will show off. To do this, take the foam and frame for the picture. The foam sheet should be larger than the size of the frame itself. Position the frame on the surface of the foam.

Put the frame on the foam

Take the scissors and cut the protruding parts of the foam.

Cut off excess polystyrene

Now you need to glue the frame to the cut foam sheet. Use duct tape. Note that the adhesive tape adheres to the back of the frame.

Glue the frame to the foam

See what the finished frame should look like. This is your foundation for the visual layout..

Finished frame

Now go to work with colors. Cut all the stems from the carnations. You can use flowers with opened and half-opened buds.

Cut the stems of carnations

Place the frame on an easel or other surface. Start pinning studs with studs. Stick the decorative pins with pearls in the center of the flower head.

Fasten the carnations to the frame

When you finish attaching flowers, your frame will be colorful and elegant.

Half frame decorated with flowers
Frame with carnations

Next you need to prepare cards with names and place numbers. When the cards are ready, they can be attached with studs to the decorative stand. This is how the completed work looks! Stylish and beautiful!

Fasten the cards to the frame
Ready decorative stand

Application options

Creating a flower stand with seating of guests is a bright and original idea. However, the presented wedding accessory can be used not only as a seating plan for guests.

A decorative stand with carnations can also act as an element of a wedding decor or «informant» - they can designate a zone of a photo shoot; on it you can hang a wedding menu or a holiday schedule. In addition, the portal www.articlewedding.com believes that if such a stand is decorated with artificial flowers, then you can take it home and hang on it the most beautiful wedding photos.

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Cards in a suitcase with flowers
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Eco-friendly base for seating cards
Escort card on a stand with flowers
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Placing cards on the petals

Enjoy DIY beauty!