Named apples for seating guests


Sometimes a banquet table looks very organic, but it lacks some zest. It is not enough to make a beautiful wedding table setting to achieve a single line of style. However, you can always bring a small accent to the decor of the wedding table, which will help you make each place for guests original..

The site advises you to make wonderful registered apples, which will undoubtedly please and surprise guests. This table decoration is easy to make at home without much financial cost. Newlyweds just need to buy a few dozen apples, which will subsequently become registered. Enough to show a little imagination to create a unique wedding style. Apples are great for summer and fall weddings. They will also be a successful addition to the apple style. Although in fact, you can use any fruit, even pineapples, as plates for seating guests.

Creative apple for seating

Materials and tools:

  • PVA glue;
  • apple (you can take a plastic apple);
  • brush;
  • White paper;
  • black and white newspapers or pages from old books.


: 20-30 minutes.

Detailed instructions:

The apple theme has long attracted newlyweds, since it is really very unusual. Together with our master class, try to create simple and original apples that will become excellent signs for seating guests. Use the old books that you can use to decorate your apples.

Prepare glue for work

First, pour PVA glue into a plate or convenient container. Cut a piece of white paper into many small strips and start sticking them to the surface of your apple one by one. It is best to do this with gloves so as not to get your hands dirty. Apply strips on an apple layer by layer until it turns completely white.

We begin to glue the apple with paper
Glue some layers of paper

Now you need to take a few leaves from old books and tear them into small strips. You can also use old newspapers if you feel sorry for books. However, do not forget that guests may try to read what is written on your accessory, so try to have words about love or family highlighted on strips of paper. You can specially select fragments of beautiful phrases or whole sentences that you want to emphasize.

Narva some newspaper strips

Now do the same with the stripes as in the previous step. Using glue, gently distribute them on your apple. Key phrases that you liked the most, stick the latest. The glue will dry after a while, and you will get a beautiful coating of words and phrases.

We glue the apple with stripes with inscriptions

It remains only to decorate our amazing apples. It is necessary to cut out sheets of paper and write the names of guests on them. Using a hole punch, make a hole in the leaf through which you need to insert a ribbon and tie a bow. Wonderful apples are ready!

Beautiful apples for seating are ready

Application options

Put the finished apples on a plate for each guest. By name on the leaflet, everyone will find their place. You can also use regular fruits by decorating them with ribbons. The main thing is to choose smooth beautiful apples. If your wedding is done in shades of green, choose green apples. Bulk red apples are suitable for a wedding in red. Just try to be creative. You can just stick a nameplate on a hairpin into an apple. Try and master!

Original apples for seating
Stylish apples for a banquet
Bright red apples for seating guests
Ripe Seedling Apples
Delicate apples for seating

The wedding portal wishes you a wonderful time during the master class! Let your ideas be even more interesting, creative and vibrant!