Burlap Ring Pillow


The main attribute of the wedding ceremony is the wedding rings, which more than once fall into the wedding frame, both on the hands of the newlyweds and on the pillow for the rings. Therefore, the choice of the last accessory should be given special attention. But in salons and shops you can rarely find something really beautiful and original. One thing remains: either contact the master, or make a pillow for the rings yourself. That's exactly what the portal www.articlewedding.com suggests you to do.!

Burlap Ring Pillow
Burlap Ring Pillow

Materials and tools:

  • sackcloth;
  • twine and ribbon;
  • hot glue gun;
  • scissors;
  • stuffing (synthetic winterizer).

Materials and Tools

Detailed instructions:

Cut a piece of burlap measuring 9 * 20 cm.

Cut the burlap to the desired length

Fold the fabric in half.

Fold the fabric in half

Cut the corners diagonally so that in the future it is easier to glue the edges of the pillow.

Cut corners

Fold the short edges about 1 cm and glue them.

Glue the folds

Do the same with the long sides of the future pillow.

Fold the fabric and glue it
Curled fabric

Glue the three sides of the pad, leaving a fourth for stuffing.

Glue the sides of the pad
Press and hold until it sticks

To keep the curved edge of the pillow aesthetically pleasing for a long time, glue it from the inside, the portal www.articlewedding.com advises.

Glue the burlap

Fill a pad with padding polyester.

Filling the pad with padding polyester

Seal the open edge of the pad.

Cover open edge

Make a bow out of twine and ribbon.

Make a bow

Glue the bow to the pillow.

Stick a bow

Trim the excess edges of the bow.

Trim excess edges

Tie the rings to the twine.

Tie the rings

Fashionable pillow for rings is ready!

The pillow is ready
The pillow is ready
The pillow is ready

Application options

Burlap ring cushion is perfect for rustic or eco weddings, which are gaining popularity among honeymooners around the world.

To make the wedding decor look complete and harmonious, you can add such an important attribute as a pillow for rings with other burlap accessories: table numbers, invitations, bonbonnieres, etc., as well as decorative elements: napkins, napperons, chair covers, etc..

Burlap Ring Pillow
Burlap Ring Pillow
Burlap Ring Pillow
Burlap Ring Pillow
Burlap Ring Pillow
Burlap Ring Pillow
Burlap Ring Pillow