Decoration for wedding chairs: cute and stylish


When choosing accessories for decorating the wedding hall, it is undoubtedly worth ordering beautiful tablecloths and skirts on the tables, a bright arch behind the young ones, as well as arranging a gift table. Particular attention should be paid to the chairs, because the views of the guests also focus on them. Some designers offer you various covers for which the entire chair will be hidden. However, if the chairs are very beautiful, why hide them? You can only decorate the back of the chair with a beautiful openwork garland - and you will get a very original decoration.

The wedding portal has prepared an amazing workshop on creating stylish garlands of fabric that will decorate the backs of your chairs and add a touch of festivity to the banquet hall. Do-it-yourself wedding accessories are made very simply. You need to have a sewing machine and long flaps of fabric. You can choose the fabric of your choice: some prefer lightweight airy materials such as satin, others like heavy fabric such as satin or linen. The best option would be ordinary chintz fabric. Garlands turn out to be very voluminous and look very fashionable and original. Let's get together to make beautiful wedding accessories!

Garland on a chair

Materials and tools:

  • long strips of fabric;
  • scissors with serrated blades;
  • flower ribbon;
  • thread and needle;
  • tape;
  • sewing machine.


: 30 minutes.

Detailed instructions:

First of all, you need to find the right fabric. It is necessary to cut several long strips of fabric of the same length and size. Before making a garland, you should iron the fabric so that it looks neat and aesthetically pleasing. You can use special scissors with serrated blades to make the garland even more voluminous.

We will prepare the materials

Connect the two strips of fabric. Pull the long thread into the needle and stick it in the middle of the strip. Make a stitch every centimeter. You will see how the fabric slowly begins to gather, forming an openwork garland. Your strip of fabric should be reduced by almost half.

Start making stitches
Make stitches all over the fabric

Now you need to sew your garland with a sewing machine. Choose a wide zigzag stitch. Start the stitch by 5 cm from the edges of the fabric. After you make a line, your garland will be almost ready. Pull the thread you used to sew the rough stitches.

Start scribbling

Support your fabric with assemblies so that you do not accidentally spoil the garland. The regular thread with which we sewed stitches does not guarantee that each fold will hold tight. Therefore, be careful. Cut two pieces of ribbon and attach them to both sides of the garland. You can make a few extra lines so that the garland is firmly attached to the ribbons.

Gently hold the fabric
Sew the ribbon to the garland
Make another line
It turned out a tight mount

Wonderful garlands of fabric are ready! Attention! Many sewing machines have a function with which you can create ready-made openwork garlands of fabric. The machine itself will make the assembly and connect them with neat seams! And you can save a ton of time.

The machine makes the assembly
Beautiful machine assemblies
The wonderful garland is ready
Fashionable garland on a chair is ready

Application options

For the manufacture of wonderful openwork garlands, you can use not only fabric, but also paper. Creative garlands can be an excellent decoration not only for wedding chairs, but also for a banquet hall or venue for your wedding photography.

Feel free to craft cute garlands in your favorite colors to decorate your wedding and make it truly fabulous and airy.!

Fashionable fabric ribbon
Openwork wreath made of fabric
Openwork garland
DIY do-it-yourself garland
Stylish garland
Paper garland
Original garland of fabric
Tender wedding garland
Stylish wedding accessories

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