Luxury fabric chair covers


Why invest so much energy and energy in wedding decor? Everything is simple - the wedding should be impeccable and ideal for both newlyweds and guests. That is why designers are trying so hard to design the smallest details of the interior. However, if you have creative inclinations, why don't you take the situation into your own hands and create something surprisingly interesting on your own?

The website assures you that detailed instructions will help you deal with any difficulties. In our master class, we suggest you create bright and stylish fabric chair covers. Such an accessory is made very simple, while it looks stylish and neat. Covers are perfect for a theme wedding in an orange style..

DIY chair covers
Stylish cover for a wedding celebration

Materials and tools:

  • 1 meter of fabric of your favorite color;
  • thread floss;
  • half a meter of tape;
  • 3 rosettes made of fabric;
  • hot glue.


40-50 minutes.

Detailed instructions:

Why buy expensive covers for a wedding celebration, if you can make real masterpieces yourself, spending a minimum of money? This workshop offers you the original idea of ​​chair covers. All you need is a small piece of bright flowing fabric, as well as ribbons for decorating the cover. You can choose any color of fabric that fits into the style of your wedding. It's time to get to work!

So, cut a piece of fabric, approximately 30x120 cm. You can vary the size of the canvas, depending on the width of the back of the chair. Fold two centimeters of fabric on each side and iron it to align the edges. Sew the edges of the fabric with even, smooth stitches using thread floss and a needle with a large eye. Fasten the fabric to the back of the chair by pulling the thread in the middle. Fabric flowers will be fixed to that place.

Bend the edges of the fabric

Now we need to make small roses from the fabric, which later we will attach to our chair. Take a long strip of fabric and tie knots on both sides of it.

Prepare strips of fabric
We tie knots on a strip of fabric

Begin twisting the fabric around the knot to make a rosette. Use hot glue to hold the ends of the fabric together. You should get a cute rose with petals.

Start making a fabric rose
Glue the fabric of the rose

The longer the piece of fabric, the larger your bud will be. Once you have the desired size of the rose, cut off the extra piece of fabric and glue it to the wrong side of the flower. There is the final touch. Fasten the roses to the fabric using thread or glue. It is best to make three flowers of different colors and shapes. That's all, you made an unusual wedding accessory with your own hands.!

Chair Covers Ready

Application options

Covers from motley fabric will add playfulness to your wedding decor. Bright colors will give a sunny mood to you and your guests. You can use a variety of ideas for decorating wedding chairs. You might want to decorate the back of the chair with a bright bow that will contrast unusually with the rest of the wedding color scheme. You might like it when the fabric gracefully falls from the back of the chair to the floor. You just need to purchase more fabric for the design. Try to experiment with design, because this is your wedding and it is up to you to decide how it will be decorated in the final version.

Bright chair covers
Delicate decor of chairs
Contrast wedding chair decor
Red and white decor of wedding chairs
Romantic chair covers
Black and white decor of chairs
Original wedding covers

The wedding portal advises you to start decorating your wedding hall in advance. You will have the opportunity to correct some shortcomings in case of their occurrence. Our workshops will help you arrange an unforgettable wedding that will delight you with its beauty and sophistication..