Personal seating cards - an original idea


If you really want to make your wedding unique and most original, you just need to take part in its design. You can not ignore various little things, such as choosing a wedding table setting and decorating the hall.

The site invites you to participate in the creation of wedding accessories with your own hands. Such a creative approach will allow you to plunge into the atmosphere of preparation for the holiday, a contribution to which you will make yourself. You and guests will be very pleased to see handmade wedding accessories. Such creativity will allow you to show your personality and express your feelings. In this master class, we will teach you how to quickly make luxurious cards for seating guests! You can find everything you need for their manufacture in stores. However, you will not be able to find finished products: follow the instructions and make cards with us!

Beautiful cards for seating guests

Materials and tools:

  • set of greeting cards;
  • decorative ornaments;
  • decorative scissors;
  • ruler;
  • paper cutting machine;
  • press for corners;
  • Scotch;
  • marker.


30-40 minutes.

Detailed instructions:

Each bride will cope with the production of cards for seating guests, because it is so simple! Choose materials and tools that are suitable for the color and theme and start creative and interesting work! It’s best to buy whole sets in one store so that they match each other in style.

Materials for the production of personal cards for guests

First, take a congratulatory card and cut it into three flat parts. Use the ruler to make the edges of the cards even, and the cards themselves are the same size. Use decorative scissors to create a beautiful pattern on the edges of the card.

We cut the greeting card into three parts
Trim the edges of cards

Now go to the decoration. The decorations that we use in our workshop can be sanded so that they change color. Choose jewelry in accordance with the theme of the wedding. It can be a marine style or a fruit style - you decide.

We will grind jewelry for cards

Glue the decorations to the cards using tape or double-sided tape. Use different decorations to make accessories look fresher. Using the marker, write the names of the guests on the cards, and put the numbers inside. So we got great accessories!

Glue the decorations to the cards
We will sign cards with a marker

There is also another way of making personalized guest cards. To do this, you will also need to cut the greeting card into three parts. However, in this case, our cards will lie horizontally. Use the press to make even, rounded edges of cards to give them elegance..

Cut the greeting card into three parts
Let's make beautiful corners

Decorate cards with decorative volumetric stripes to give them sophistication. Sign the cards and they are ready to use. Beautiful, stylish and elegant! Horizontal or vertical, cards look very harmonious and fit into any design.

Decorating cards for seating guests
We sign cards for guests

Application options

As you can see, there are many options for how to use cards to create beautiful cards for seating guests. You can come up with a completely new and unusual design that will look very unusual. Arrange ready-made cards on tables so that each guest can find their place in the restaurant. Experiment with the color, shape, and size of guest cards. Maybe your idea will become a real highlight at the wedding?

Delicate seating card design
Charming personal card design
Stylish cards for seating guests
Creative name cards for seating
The original idea of ​​cards for seating guests
Trendy cards for seating
A simple idea for a seating card

Using the wedding site you can realize your brightest ideas. Try and learn to craft with us!