Cookies with a surprise - fulfillment of wishes


Most weddings take place according to the same scenario: bride redemption, wedding ceremony, banquet. However, many are tired of simple tradition. Don't you want your wedding to be special? Do not you dream that every detail of your wedding was original?

Website will help you to make your wedding unforgettable and unusual. It is enough to come up with what kind of zest to decorate your holiday, it does not matter, your wedding will be held outdoors or in a restaurant. In our master class, we will talk about how to make cookies with a prediction that will surprise guests. It is rather an American style of wedding, however, you can borrow an original idea. Wishes and predictions will please the guests, and perhaps someone’s wishes will come true at your wedding. In our workshop we will use purchased cookies, however you can cook it yourself.

DIY surprise cookies

Materials and tools:

  • fortune cookies bought at the store;
  • a printer;
  • beautiful paper for messages;
  • microwave;
  • chocolate;
  • mastic.


30 minutes.

Detailed instructions:

Cooking cookies with prediction does not require special skills, because you can use purchased cookies. The main thing is to focus on making predictions, as well as decorating our cookies. So it's time to get started!

To get started, start writing wishes and predictions. Use only positive predictions so as not to disappoint any of the guests. For example, you can use the following predictions: «You will meet a stranger», «Tomorrow you will be surprised», «Good news awaits you on Thursday», «Tomorrow your dream will come true», «Today, expect an unexpected turn of events» etc. Print wishes and predictions on paper and cut strips from it. Now roll the cookies in a paper towel and heat in the microwave.

Preheat the cookies in the microwave

Remove the cookies from the microwave in a minute. Gently remove the paper towel..

We remove a paper towel

Fortune cookies should become soft and flexible. You can easily open it. Quickly remove the message that is already embedded in the cookie and replace it with the messages that you yourself came up with.

We remove the message from the cookies

Once you have placed your prediction strips in cookies, quickly form from it «shells». Act very quickly, as the cookies will cool quickly and cannot take their previous shape.

Change the message and form cookies

Hooray! The fortune cookie is ready! Now it’s time to warm up the chocolate and dip your cookies in it!

Fortune cookie ready

Application options

Fortune cookies will impress guests. Since you will only use good predictions, guests will be able to smile. You can also use comic ideas. If you want your cookies to be not only original, but also tasty, add all kinds of sweet ingredients, such as chocolate. You can also decorate cookies with bright sprinkles and confetti..

Put the cookies in a beautiful basket and serve on the wedding table. Cookies can also be used as bonbonnieres. Just pack your cookies in a plastic bag and decorate with a label on top.

Bonbonnieres with cookies
Confetti Cookies
Fortune cookies in a basket
Boxed fortune cookie
Cookies for the wedding
Gentle cookie predictions
Bright wedding cookies

The wedding site has plenty of tips and ideas for a great holiday. Your wedding will pass «with a bang», if only you make every effort. Do not be lazy to do it yourself to create something unique and exclusive. Good luck!