Origami paper boats for decorating wedding tables


A variety of materials are used to make wedding attributes. Everything that you would not find at hand, can be used for a special purpose, the main thing is to be patient and study some information.

The wedding portal www.articlewedding.com offers you an interesting idea for making wedding accessories for a banquet and ceremony in the form of paper boats. To make these maritime-style wedding boats exactly the same, follow the detailed instructions below. These accessories will serve as a great alternative to typical transfer cards..

Origami paper boat

Materials and tools:

  • decorative paper of different colors.

Origami paper

Detailed instructions:

Take A4 origami paper. You can use any decorative or wrapping paper. Fold the paper in half lengthwise as shown in the image below..

Fold the paper in half

Fold the top corners to the center line.

Bend the upper corners

From the front and back, fold the bottom edges up exactly half up.

Fold the bottom of the product

Lift the center of the product and connect the sides together to form a rhombus.

We form a rhombus

Fold the bottom corners to form a triangle.

Bend the product in the form of a triangle

Pull the middle a little so that the product takes the shape of a diamond.

Give the shape of a diamond

Grasp the corners of the product and pull it. You should get an even beautiful boat.

Stretch the product

Application options

The manufacturing process of such simple, but colorful and original attributes for a wedding will seem fascinating not only to you. You can connect your friends or children to this process (if they are already there, and the wedding is only planned).

A very interesting idea for the use of paper boats offers the site www.articlewedding.com. Origami style boats can be used for more than one functional purpose. Besides as cards for seating guests, paper boats can be used as an unusual and intriguing container for storing sweets, such as sweets.

Moreover, you can use such accessories for making garlands and use them to decorate a wedding room. And how do you like this option: use paper boats for table setting? Surely, each of you will choose one of the proposed options or come up with some more non-standard solutions for the use of such wedding accessories.

Bright, fun paper boats make your wedding photography brighter. Find a more favorable place for their location and delight yourself with colorful moments during photography and the photographs themselves. Organize a photo shoot near the reservoir and use the boats for their intended purpose..

The wedding celebration can be completed by launching paper boats into the nearest body of water with guests together. This event will unite you and your close friends even more and bring a lot of pleasant and positive emotions.

Final product view
Mounting boats in a garland
Ships in the form of seating cards with numbers and initials
Ships with sweets
Origami paper boats for decorating wedding tables
Origami paper boats for decorating wedding tables
Origami boats in the decoration of wedding tables
Origami boats for decorating wedding tables
Serving dishes with boats
Colored boats for a sea wedding

Origami paper boats will become an indispensable and striking attribute at your wedding celebration. Enjoy, have fun and rejoice!