Delicate nameplates for guests with sea glasses


If you are independently engaged in the decoration of your wedding, you have a great advantage, because you can control the entire process of decoration and decoration of the wedding hall and table. If you have a lot of ideas and ideas, take advantage of this and create something unique and fashionable..

The website is armed with several stylish ideas that you can implement without leaving your home, while you get a budget option for some accessories. In this master class, we will talk about name cards for seating guests, which are performed without much labor and time. Wonderful seating cards are very individual. Each plate is distinguished by a unique glass shape that adds a twist to the accessory.

Cute nameplates for seating guests

Materials and tools:

  • watercolor paint;
  • watercolor paper;
  • pencil;
  • stencil;
  • brush;
  • sea ​​glass;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • stamp for corners;
  • folding bone.


1 hour.

Detailed instructions:

Seating cards with glass are perfect for a nautical-style wedding. Sea glass in combination with watercolor look very harmonious and summer-like. Nameplates are made without much difficulty. Just follow the instructions carefully and you will get wonderful accessories. So, first, take a piece of watercolor paper. When choosing its size, remember that you still need to bend the paper in half.

We select a piece of watercolor paper

Fold the watercolor paper in half using the folded bone for these purposes. It will make the edges of the fold neat and even..

Bend the paper in half

Using the stencil of your choice, draw the letters of the name with a pencil. Leave some space on the left of your plate to stick a piece of sea glass.

We use a stencil
We get a plate with letters

Use a corner stamp to trim the bottom corners of your seating card. Be careful not to trim the edge of the letter, otherwise you will ruin the entire plate.

Trim the corners of the card.

Fill the letters on the plate with your favorite watercolor paint. Now we are close to the final result.

Paint the letters on the card
Letters painted with paint

Use a few drops of glue to stick a piece of sea glass on the seating card. Try to pick up glass in the color of watercolor paint.

Glue the glass to the card for seating

Now the name cards for seating are ready to use! Just let the paint dry and you can show your creation to your loved one.

Ready-made cards for seating
Beautiful cards for seating with sea glasses

Application options

Do-it-yourself seating cards will certainly impress guests. Firstly, each guest is pleased to see their name on the plate. Secondly, you get creative nameplates, almost without spending money from the wedding budget, which is also important when creating decor.

Place personalized cards near the plates of each guest. Glass will shimmer beautifully in the sun. You can also use all kinds of shells, lace and beads to add a touch of sophistication to your guest nameplates. You can use various stencils or just print the names on the printer. The main thing is to show your attention and respect for each guest.

Name cards in white
Original cards for seating guests
Cards for seating with bows
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Gentle Name Plates
Exquisite Seating Plates

The wedding site recommends connecting your future husband and friends to the work. Let everyone show their creative side, and you can save time. Believe me, the time spent in a creative experiment is always fun and unforgettable. You will receive not only fun accessories for your wedding celebration, but also recharge with great emotions!