Original numbers of tables from a frame and buttons


The most important “navigation” accessories at the wedding banquet are table numbers that help guests find their seats in accordance with the seating plan. These are the first of the details that your family and friends pay attention to. So why do they pay so little attention to their design ?! Do you want to surprise your guests with unusual accessories? Then the portal www.articlewedding.com suggests you to make numbers for tables with your own hands from a frame and bright buttons!

Frame and button table number

Materials and tools:

  • buttons of a suitable color;
  • Photo Frame;
  • colored paper (fabric, book page or wrapping paper);
  • paper napkin;
  • glue.

Materials and Tools

Detailed instructions:

Measure the frame to find out its dimensions..

Measure the frame

Fold the edges of the napkin so that it fits into the frame.

Fold a Napkin

Apply glue to the base and tissue.

Apply glue

Glue the napkin to the color base.

Glue the cloth to the base

Glue the buttons so that the number corresponding to the table number is obtained.

Glue the buttons

Creative wedding table number is ready!

Table number is ready

Application options

In the master class, we used a photo frame as the basis for the accessory. For the same purposes, you can use hoops or books if they are more suited to the style of your wedding. Buttons can be used in any shape and color scheme, so that the table numbers fit perfectly into the format of your celebration, making it more vivid and original.

Button table number
Button table number
Button table number
Button table number

Unusual buttons can be supplemented with banquet cards - such an original tandem will be the highlight of the design of banquet tables, the portal www.articlewedding.com believes.

Button Banquet Cards
Button Banquet Cards

In addition, buttons can be used to make invitations, pads for engagement rings and bonbonnieres, adding playfulness and bright colors to their design.

Button Invitations
Button Invitations
Button Bonbonniere
Button ring cushion
Button ring cushion