Charming plates for seating guests


When preparing for a wedding, it sometimes seems that it is impossible to think through all the nuances perfectly. However, do not worry about this. If you did not have time to buy something for the wedding, you can make any accessory with your own hands. The site will share with you detailed instructions on how to create original plates for seating guests. You will not spend too much time, and most importantly, most of the tools and parts you can find at home. All you need is patience and a great desire to create unusual beautiful plates for seating guests!

Delicate seating plate
Charming sign for seating guests

Materials and tools:

  • two cardboards for scrapbooking (45x45 cm);
  • a piece of ordinary cardboard (22x28 cm);
  • paper cutting machine;
  • Glue dots;
  • two ribbons;
  • large needle;
  • stapler;
  • pencil;
  • pins and buttons;
  • hole puncher.


1 hour.

Detailed instructions:

So, before you get started, prepare all the necessary parts and tools. Print also the required guest name or just a common name («the groom», «bride», «bridesmaid», «friend of the groom») on the printer, choosing the font you like and the size of the inscription.

All the tools to get started

Using a paper cutter, cut your cardboard to the correct size. Then place the cardboard with the inscription on the colored cardboard for scrapbooking and mark with a pencil the lines along which you will cut. Cut a colored piece of cardboard.

Cut out a cardboard with the inscription
We measure the size of the cardboard for scrapbooking

Using glue points, connect the two cartons together. Choose such colors that the color of the inscription is combined with the color of the cardboard background.

We connect two cartons together

Next, take the second piece of colored cardboard for scrapbooking. In this case, we chose a golden color. But do not attach your cardboard with the inscription yet.

Cooking a golden cardboard

And now a little tricks! Take your tape and use a hole punch to puncture two holes at the end of the tape. However, even a strong hole punch will not be able to break through the tape. And this is only at hand for us.

Punch holes in the tape

Now insert special buttons into the holes that hide inaccurate holes in the tape.

Insert the buttons into the holes
Ribbon Buttons

When the buttons are inserted into the holes, you can trim the extra piece of tape. Attach the end of the tape to a larger piece of cardboard to imagine how it will look on the chair.

We attach the tape to the cardboard

Turn your cardboard over and attach your tape to the place where it will be fixed. Using the buttons, draw two points with a pencil. Next, make holes with a thick needle.

We plan future holes in the cardboard
We make holes in the cardboard

Place two studs (pins) in the holes. Do not worry, later the heads of studs will be covered.

Insert in the clove holes

Now we have the removable end of the tape ready, thanks to which we can easily fix our plate on the chair. It's time to attach the other end of the tape to the cardboard. To do this, bend the tip of the tape and secure it with a stapler.

We fix the removable end of the tape
We fasten the other end of the tape with a stapler
Fasten the tape by disconnecting the carnation

Now the back of your guest seating sign is ready.

Finished back of the plate

Using glue points, fix the front side of the plate on the background cardboard. Now we have a wonderful plate that will decorate any celebration!

We connect all the pieces of cardboard
Ready sign for seating guests

Application options

Thanks to the removable end of the tape, you can easily fix the plate on any back of the chair without having to rearrange the chairs. This sign for seating will decorate your wedding and add completeness to it..

Beautiful plate on the back of a chair
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The website has shared with you a great idea on how to quickly create neat and even reusable seating signs. You can save them so that your girlfriend or friend can use them.