Painted screen - a spectacular element of a wedding decor


Wedding decor is one of the most important moments that affect the impression of guests about the wedding celebration. It depends on how thoughtful the design of the wedding is, what will be said about your holiday afterwards. So take the time to plan and design a unique decor for your wedding..

The portal is sure that wedding decor cannot do without a screen - a spectacular and multifunctional background. In this master class, we offer you instructions for making a folding screen painted with acrylics.

Workshop on creating a screen

Materials and tools:

  • mosquito net;
  • wooden blocks;
  • corner brackets;
  • long self-tapping screws 5.7 cm;
  • short screws 1.27 cm;
  • loops;
  • scissors;
  • acrylic paint (white);
  • sparkles;
  • stapler;
  • drill for twisting screws;
  • water-based protective coating;
  • brush;
  • paint for wooden surfaces (white).

Materials and Tools


3 hours.

Detailed instructions:

Preparatory work

To make it easier to work, make a small drawing. Decide on the parameters of your product. Decide whether you want a folding screen or not. Commit all data. You can also come up with and draw a rough pattern on your sketch..

Main works

According to the given standards, cut the wooden blocks. Assemble the product by connecting wooden elements with angle brackets and self-tapping screws. Use a drill or screwdriver to tighten the screws.

We assemble the product
We use L-shaped corners
Tighten the screws
Connection parts

Now proceed to fasten the mosquito net. Frames can be pre-painted white or left unpainted, natural. Cut the grid according to the parameters of the individual frames. Attach the mesh to the back of wooden frames with a stapler.

Fasten the mesh to the frame
Frame-mounted mesh

Cut excess mesh with sharp scissors.

Trim the excess mesh

Take a brush and apply a water-based protective coating to the surface of the mesh. This is necessary so that when creating a picture, the paint is better applied to the surface of the grid. Wait for the net to dry..

Preparation of a protective base
Apply a protective base

Further, the most interesting stage of work. We begin to apply a drawing or pattern. In our master class, we chose a floral and floral motif. We apply white acrylic paint with the same brush as the protective coating. To add shadows, use gray or black paint..

apply drawing
Color the grid

You can apply sparkles to give brightness and festivity to your product. Before applying glitter, coat the surface with PVA glue. Leave the product to dry completely..

Spangles for decor
Glitter application

The final stage is the final assembly of the product. Connect all components with loops. You will get a luxurious tricuspid screen.

Floral screen
Assembled screen
Screen for the ceremony
Newlyweds on the background of the screen

Application options

How and where you will apply the decorative screen is up to you. The portal is sure that the decorative screen is a universal and multifunctional device. Therefore, there are several options for using this product:

  • You can decorate an exit ceremony with such a screen.
  • Such a screen will look incredibly beautiful in wedding photographs. So, the screen can also act as a background for a wedding photo shoot.
  • A screen with a delicate floral pattern can be installed at the table of the newlyweds. Snow-white outfits of young people and a delicate screen design - a perfect combination!
  • With the help of a screen you can zone the space. Put a screen in the sweet zone or in the photo zone.

Screen from old doors for the sweet area
Lace and tulle screen panel
Door screen pointer
Folding panel
Vintage screen
Door frame screen
Three-leaved door for banquet

An elegant folding screen will become an exquisite decoration at your wedding!