Original candles in cups for decorating a wedding table


There are many ways to make a wedding a real fairy tale, you just want to bring all your ideas to life. A modern wedding should be bright, stylish, non-standard. To do this, you need to not only use the advice of professional designers and decorators, but also actively participate in the decor of your wedding yourself. The most important thing is the opportunity to make accessories for a banquet and ceremony with your own hands, to show guests your creative side.

The wedding site www.articlewedding.com is ready to offer you an original workshop on making stylish candles in cups, which will become an unusual decoration on a wedding table or at a wedding photo shoot. Candles are one of the attributes of the celebration, they add romanticism to the wedding decor. It would be too boring to use candles purchased at the store, which have neither the original design nor their zest. Why don't you make a candle yourself in a beautiful cut in the shape of a decorative cup? Who says cups are needed to drink tea? Not at all, our master class will prove to you that from cups and wax you can make a breathtaking accessory that will become a real decoration of the wedding table!

Candle in a cup

Materials and tools:

  • cups;
  • packing of wax flakes;
  • candle wick;
  • adhesive mass;
  • Libra;
  • essential oil;
  • wooden skewers;
  • measured capacity;
  • dish towel and mitt;
  • food thermometer;
  • cling film.


: 1 day.

Detailed instructions:

At first glance, it might seem that the master class is very complex and multi-step. However, the result is worth some effort. Just tune in to positive and prepare all the necessary materials. Follow the instructions carefully and everything will work out.

We will prepare the materials

First you need to thoroughly wash the cup and wipe it dry with a towel. Now you need to glue the candle wick in the center of the cup. To do this, use a small piece of adhesive that you can easily remove to reuse the cups for their intended purpose. Also use an adhesive mass to secure the wick with two wooden sticks. This is necessary so that the wick remains exactly in the middle of the cup after liquid wax is poured into it.

Fix the wick in a cup

In order to make one candle in a cup, you will need approximately 150 g of wax flakes. Pour the cereal into a glass bowl and place in the microwave for 2 minutes. Remove the container with a towel or mittens from the microwave and check if all the flakes have melted. If the liquid is not homogeneous, it is necessary to warm it up for another minute. Place the food thermometer in a container with wax and wait until the temperature drops to 180 degrees. Add essential oil to the wax. Now pour the wax into your cup.

Measure the temperature and pour wax into the cup

Use cling film to cover the cup with wax. This is to prevent dust from entering. Be careful, because the temperature of the wax is very high. Send your cups to a secluded place overnight for the wax to harden completely. In the morning you can remove the cling film. Using scissors, cut the wick to the desired length. So, the wonderful candles in the cups are ready!

Cover the cup with foil
Leave the wax to harden.
Candles in the cups are ready
The candle in the cup is ready
Cute accessory

Application options

In the manufacture of such wedding accessories, you can use all your imagination. Use dyes to make wax of different colors. You can also vary the essential oils that add spice to the wedding evening. Choose different shapes and types of cups that best fit your table design.

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The site www.articlewedding.com is ready to share its secrets and master classes, which will definitely cheer you up!