Cute paper pens for flower petals and confetti


How romantic, when on the most significant day in life, after uttering the treasured words, you and your beloved legitimate companion are greeted by a huge number of cheerful and fervent guests, sprinkling roses on you and the very best wedding wishes. The original wedding flower bags for petals will help guests to pave the flower path to your carefree family life..

Spectacular and elegant wedding accessory in the form of pads for rose petals will help emphasize the overall style and concept of your wedding. Thanks to paper bags, you will add extra beauty and elegance to your happy festive day..

With the help of convenient and miniature bags you can easily transfer and store flower petals, rice, coins for sprinkling. Decorate the banquet hall and tables with unusual pockets and bright petals of fragrant flowers. Such wedding accessories will always be at hand and fill the wedding celebration with joyful and colorful moments..

To make paper petals, use the instructions on The creative process will bring a lot of positive emotions and colorful moments..

Paper pans with butterflies

Materials and tools:

  • decorative butterflies;
  • postcard paper of any color;
  • scissors;
  • hole puncher;
  • adhesive tape or tape for fastening;
  • printed tags (phrases, wishes, etc.).

List of materials used

Step-by-step instruction:

Cut the postcard paper (choose the color and pattern according to the general style and color scheme of the wedding) into pieces about 15 by 15 centimeters in size.

Postcard paper cutting

Stick a small piece of duct tape on the right corner of the cut piece of paper. From this angle it will be necessary to start folding the bag. Also stick tape on one side of the square. Begin to form a cone. In general, you should get a bag that resembles a bag for seeds. As you twist the bag, it will be fixed with an adhesive strip.

Bag formation
Adhesive strip for fixing the bag
We fix the edges of the bag

Using a hole punch, we make holes on the little ball in the place where it will be closed, i.e. fasten it «hat».

Folding beanie caps

Write on paper phrases or wishes at your discretion. Print out. Cut phrases into thin strips. Cut the edge of each strip at an angle for a more beautiful look..

Hole punch and trim strips

At this stage, the bag can be filled with rose petals, confetti or rice, designed to sprinkle the newlyweds.

Mark on «cap», which will cover the fist place for the hole. Connect the parts using tape or wire. To do this, pull the ribbon through the center of the decorative butterfly, hole on «cap» and a hole on the bag, to which you additionally need to attach a piece of paper with a wish. Fasten.

Attaching a phrase to a bag
Bonding parts on the bag

Wonderful and cute pads for storing flower petals are ready! Depending on your idea, bags can be fixed by different holders. In addition, keep in mind that bags are not necessary to close. It is enough to make filled pads in a decorative basket or box and their contents will not crumble.

Application options

Take advantage of the glorious tips from the wedding portal regarding other uses for decorative paper bags. Imagine how many different ways there are to use such blanks. Moreover, such bags can be filled with all kinds of things. For example, fill them with original gifts and lay them on a chair for each guest. You can try this option: fill the bags with sweets and place them in the area for desserts. At the end of the solemn feast, guests will be able to treat themselves to such a wonderful and aesthetically attractive surprise..

Ready-made pads for petals
Wedding bags green with satin ribbons
Purple pouches for petals
Notebook paper bags for petals
Lace bags
Box with decorative bags
Decorative bags with grass filling

Please yourself and your guests with decorative pads for storing petals. Enough to get a few little bags and your wedding photography and banquet will be much brighter and more spectacular!