Cushion for fabric rings


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Why don't you do some creative work that helps you relax a bit? Needlework is a great opportunity to enjoy the creative process, while making something useful. In our workshop you will learn how to make a beautiful pillow for wedding rings. Everything is very simple. If you have a sewing machine and a piece of fabric, consider that you are already one step closer to success. A cute pillow will become a kind of gift to your husband, because you will do it yourself, and this will be the first joint thing in your house.

Beautiful pillow for rings

Materials and tools:

  • beautiful fabric (cotton or calico);
  • lace tape;
  • thread and needle;
  • stuffing (you can use cotton wool);
  • pins and scissors;
  • crayon;
  • sewing machine.


: 35-45 minutes.

Detailed instructions:

The pillow for rings is an important accessory that will be useful to you in the registry office. Be original and make it yourself from a delicate fabric. Do not be afraid of difficulties, because everything is done very easily and simply! Go!

Needlework materials

Take two pieces of fabric, one piece 18x18 cm in size for the front side and one piece 18x42 cm in size for the back side of the pillow. On a long piece of fabric, mark with chalk every 5 cm..

Cut two pieces of fabric
Make marks on the fabric

Now put a long piece of cloth on the ironing board. Start bending the fabric from mark to mark. The edges should not be bent. Iron each fold, and then fasten with pins. You will get a peculiar «harmonic».

Start creasing
Secure the folds with pins
The result was an accordion made of fabric

Now we need to sew our folds so that they fit snugly together. The pins can be removed. Compare two pieces of fabric: the front and back sides of the future pillow should be the same size. If the size does not match, just cut off the excess.

Need to sew pleats
Compare two pieces of fabric

Take a lace ribbon and pin with pins along the edge of a piece of pleated fabric, 1 cm off the edge. Sew the tape to the fabric and remove the pins.

Sew lace to the fabric

Connect the two pieces of fabric with the face to each other and connect with pins. Sew the two sides of the future pillow, leaving a few centimeters to fill it with cotton.

Connect two pieces of fabric
Sew two edges of the pad

Cut the corners of the pillow and twist the fabric to the front side. Iron the creases with an iron. Through the hole we left, fill the pillow with cotton or other stuffing.

Turn the pads on the front side
Fill the pillow with cotton

It remains only to decorate our accessory. To do this, manually sew in the center of the pillow a beautiful bow made of ribbon or rope, which wedding rings will hold on to. A cute accessory for the wedding is ready!

Sew a bow
Accessory is ready

Application options

Let the result of your creativity be a surprise for your husband! Surprise him with your unusual idea. A cute pillow will be the highlight of the ceremony, because you sewed it yourself. Try more new ideas, decorate the fabric with beads or rhinestones to give the accessory more originality. Use rich fabrics such as satin or silk to make your wedding ceremony accessory even more sophisticated..

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