Spring arrangement of flowers and chocolate


A wedding is a holiday that cannot be imagined without flowers. Wedding decoration with flowers is a must. Even when it’s not the season for a variety of fragrant and vibrant colors, the celebration can be decorated with no less beautiful floral arrangements from artificial plants..

In anticipation of the spring-summer wedding banquets season, the wedding portal www.articlewedding.com has prepared for you an interesting master class on making an unusually beautiful and joyful composition for newlyweds wedding table decor.

The original central decoration for the table made of silk flowers will become a picturesque decor element. A unique detail gives the whole composition even more creative - a white chocolate bunny figurine. The fragility of the composition is emphasized by the unusual hanging over the bunny «an umbrella», whose role is played by a twig with crystal beads.

To make such a composition at home, you need to adhere to the instructions below. In the course of work, you can replace some elements with others at your discretion.

Spring composition for table decor

Materials and tools:

  • any white chocolate figurine (in our case, a bunny);
  • decorative moss;
  • silk hydrangeas of different colors or any other flowers;
  • silk twig with beads;
  • pastel colored plastic eggs (optional);
  • satin ribbon;
  • piaflor for artificial flowers;
  • hot glue gun;
  • knife;
  • wooden container;
  • flower rods with wire or toothpicks.


about 2 hours.

Detailed instructions:

Start your work by filling a wooden container with pieces of piaflora. If necessary, use a knife to cut piaflora into pieces.

Fill the container with piaflora
Fill the container

Then place a small piece of piaflora on top of the rest and attach for reliability with special flower sticks or toothpicks. Decorate the top piece of piaflora with moss, gluing it to the surface with a hot glue gun.

Moss decor
Continuing the decor with moss

The next step is to place the chocolate figure on a moss-decorated platform. Fasten with chopsticks to the base. It’s okay if the sticks that you use for the backup are visible, you can later hide them.

Set the figure
Set the chocolate figure

Now start working with flowers. Trim the tops of hydrangea, leaving small stems. Stick the flowers into the base and form the desired bouquet around the perimeter of the container. When composing a composition - alternate the flowers.

Insert the flowers in the base
We decorate the base with flowers
We continue to decorate with flowers
Finish the decoration with flowers

Silk leaves that you cut off from hydrangeas will help to add vitality to the composition. Place a couple of leaflets between the flower heads. Then take a twig with beads and bend it. Place the branch directly above the bunny so that it resembles a decorative umbrella. Lay out plastic eggs or any other decorations near the bunny.

We make an umbrella for a bunny

If you think that something is missing in the composition, then complete the decoration with satin ribbon loops that can be combined into ribbon flowers of the desired shape.

Add tape
Tape in composition

Finishing the composition can be additional decorations. At the bottom of the bunny, stretch a chiffon ribbon and set a different kind of flower.

Central arrangement of flowers

Spring composition for the festive table decor is ready!

Application options

According to the recommendations of the portal www.articlewedding.com, you can continue the decor of the festive tables in the same style with this composition. Surely you still have plastic eggs and flowers. They can be combined into a decorative composition and placed on each plate..

Spring decoration of flowers and chocolate can be recreated in miniature in several copies. Such decorative compositions will combine the decor of the guest tables with the main presidium table..

In addition, a floral arrangement with a chocolate figure fits perfectly into the decor of the wedding Candy bar.

Do not rush to throw out the decoration after the banquet. The composition will be useful to you in the future, during the celebration of family holidays, such as Easter or New Year.

Arrangement of flowers and candles for the table
Silk flowers in a bouquet
Silk bouquets are in fashion
Decoration of artificial flowers on the presidium table
Table decoration
Table decoration with flowers and feathers.
Bouquet for a table in a wicker basket
Flower tree for table decor
Bouquet of flowers with fruits

Delicate composition of silk flowers and chocolate will bring you joy and create a magical atmosphere for an unforgettable holiday.!