Delicate wedding napkin rings


Wedding accessories are always given great attention, since it is they who attract the eyes of guests and decorate the wedding. The whole ideological composition of the wedding is built on trifles. It is important that everything is appropriate for such a grand and important event. Perhaps you should seek the help of professionals to create the basic decor of a banquet hall. However, your participation in the design of the hall and table is simply necessary! Why do not you make delicate accessories with your own hands to complement the main line of the wedding style??

The site has prepared an interesting workshop that will help you make wonderful rings on napkins! Such a vintage lace decoration will be the highlight of the wedding table setting and definitely will not go unnoticed. To make such rings from fabric, you will need basic skills of working with a sewing machine and a beautiful fabric, the color and texture of which will suit the style of the wedding. It's time to start!

Vintage Napkin Rings

Materials and tools:

  • beautiful fabric;
  • lace tape (approximately 1 cm wide);
  • thread;
  • button;
  • twine;
  • pins
  • scissors;
  • needle;
  • sewing machine and iron;
  • Ruler and pencil.


: 30 minutes.

Detailed instructions:

Napkins are a very important attribute of a banquet table. There are many ways how to decorate wedding napkins, however, one of the most traditional ways is to use fabric rings. The rings hold the napkin in a scroll, thereby decorating it. If you have already prepared all the necessary materials, then we can proceed to the master class.

Necessary materials

First, cut two identical pieces of fabric, measuring 17x7 cm. These will be our inner and outer sides of the ring.

Cut two pieces of fabric

Fold one piece of fabric in half in length and hold it with your fingers so that a bend is clearly drawn. Straighten the fabric again. Step back 1.5 cm from the middle and make a mark with a pencil. Do the same on the other side. Use pins to pin the lace stripes in place of your marks with a pencil. Do it from two sides. Now sew the lace to the fabric using a sewing machine.

Pin the lace with pins
Pin the lace on both sides of the fabric
Sew lace to Tanya
Lace sewn to the fabric

Now you need to attach the loop of twine. To do this, cut a piece of twine 10 cm long and form a loop from it. Attach it to the fabric as shown. The rounding of the loop will be directed inside the fabric, at the ends - on the outside. Sew a loop to the fabric.

Form a loop

Now is the time to put two pieces of fabric together. To do this, connect them with their faces to each other, placing a loop inside the fabric. Now make a stitch to connect two pieces of fabric. Make sure that there is an unstitched hole, 3-4 cm in size. Turn the fabric to the front side and sew the hole carefully. Sew your fabric ring around the edge again and iron it.

Sew the fabric around the edge
Turn the fabric to the front side
Sew the fabric again
It turned out a beautiful strip
Stand back a bit from the edge

Step back 3.5 cm from the edge of the fabric to sew a beautiful button. Now you can safely put on your handmade rings on wedding napkins! Elegant and gentle!

Sew on a button

Application options

Amazing napkin rings will add spice and even aristocracy to your serving. Their unique style will help plunge into an unforgettable era of romanticism and elegance. They will suit the wedding in the style of Provence, vintage and other celebrations in sophisticated themes. Such rings can be reused on other holidays..

Beautiful rings on napkins ready
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The wedding portal recommends that you always make an effort and come up with new original ideas that will surprise guests!