Wedding wedding


The beauty and solemn splendor of this ceremony attracts more and more newlyweds. However, the wedding ceremony is a special rite. This is a worship service during which a family created by two loving people is blessed and sanctified by mutual agreement. For a marriage to be happy, young people need to understand the true meaning of the actions that occur during worship.

The sacrament of wedding.

After the morning liturgy, at which the bride and groom, according to the church charter, must be present “in order to receive cleansing through confession and communion,” they prepare for the sacrament of wedding wedding.

The priest gives the young burning candles - a symbol of bright joy and purity. After this, the betrothal takes place - he puts the rings on them, and changes them three times. Previously, the rites of betrothal and wedding took place at different times. Now passing in one ministry.

After the betrothal, the newlyweds become in the center of the temple, and the wedding ceremony begins. The priest asks young people how free their desire to get married is. Then he says three prayers in which he asks for God's blessing on the bride and groom. Further, crowns are laid on the heads of the bride and groom - beautifully decorated crowns.

They bring a cup of wine - a symbol of life with its sorrows and joys. Young people should drink from it together, promising to share life's hardships, helping each other, and supporting each other. Wine is also served three times - in the image of the Holy Trinity.

The wedding wedding continues the outline around the lectern. Hand in hand, the newlyweds walk past the priest as a symbol of the eternal service of the Church. After that, the priest pronounces the words of parting and edification.

The church sacrament, amazing in its beauty and spiritual fullness, is coming to its end. Now the guests attending the wedding can congratulate the young.

Recommendations for newlyweds.

Think in advance about the organization of the wedding.

  • Choose a temple and make an appointment with the priest.
  • Learn from the priest how to properly prepare for the wedding ceremony, when to go through confession and communion.
  • On the eve it is necessary not to drink or smoke, and if you will go to confession and communion, then do not eat.
  • The wedding takes place after the registration of marriage, since a marriage certificate is required in the temple.
  • Brides are advised to take care of comfortable shoes. The wedding ceremony lasts several hours, and it will be difficult for you to stand in high heels.
  • Invited guests may attend the liturgy, or may arrive at the beginning of the wedding..
  • It is necessary to agree on a photo and video recording in advance, since in some temples they are prohibited.
  • Give the wedding rings to the priest on the eve of the ceremony, so that he blesses them, it is also necessary to bless the wedding icons.
  • Prepare a white towel - the newlyweds will stand on it during the wedding.
  • The newlyweds should be wearing crosses.
  • Wishes to the bride: a headdress is mandatory, and makeup should be dim, inconspicuous, women should not wear trousers.
  • Groom, bride and witnesses must be baptized.

The church does not give permission for marriage if:

  • the bride or groom is married;
  • the young did not go through the baptismal rite;
  • the bride and groom are blood relatives;
  • one of the young is entering into a fourth or fifth marriage.

If obstacles arise, you can appeal to the ruling bishop. If the issue is resolved positively, the wedding will be held in any church.