What is needed for a wedding?


The organization of the wedding ceremony must be approached with all seriousness. For cash, decide in which temple and on which day you want to get married. In those churches where there is no appointment, you can get married right on the wedding day. Talk to the priest who will conduct this wedding ceremony, he will tell you what you need for the wedding, and what time to come to the ceremony.

In early Christianity, the wedding was held immediately after the morning liturgy. Currently this is rare, but newlyweds attending the liturgy, as well as confession and communion before the wedding, are required.

Fasting before confession and communion.

Learn the rules of the wedding in the temple two weeks before the completion of the sacrament. This is necessary in order to carefully prepare, not only organizationally, but also spiritually. The bride and groom will face fast before confession and communion. Three days of fasting and prayer, as well as a visit to evening services. What prayers to read, you can find out from the priest, or from the literature that will be advised in the church shop, which is in every church.

In addition to prayer, abstinence from animal products - meat, dairy products, eggs, as well as abstinence from marriage.

What you need for a wedding in the church, directly on the wedding day? The newlyweds come to the church for the Divine Liturgy, pray, confess, and receive the sacrament. Then, in the temple there are requirements, about an hour, and the bride and groom can change clothes for the wedding.

Relatives and friends can come to the beginning of the Sacrament.

What to bring.

  • Wedding candles, four handkerchiefs to hold candles and wedding crowns, a white cloth, or towel. All this you can buy in advance in the church shop at the temple.
  • Headpiece for the bride.
  • On newlyweds must be worn crosses.
  • Before the wedding, give the priest wedding rings. He will consecrate them.

Wedding Rules for the Bride.

  • It is necessary to have a cloak with you to cover your shoulders and chest. It’s better not to wear a very lush veil over your head, as being close to candles can be dangerous.
  • Discreet wedding makeup, or complete lack of makeup.
  • Jewelery - minimum quantity.
  • Trousers must not be present in the temple..

The sacrament is not held.

  • During Lent (Assumption, Great Lent, Petrovsky, Christmas).
  • During carnival.
  • During easter week.
  • From Christmas to Epiphany.

You can learn more about this information from a priest, or in an Orthodox shop.

What you need for a wedding if you have a second marriage.

The Orthodox Church does not approve of repeated marriages. So, the wedding is not performed for the third and fourth marriages. A second marriage is allowed. In this case, the rite is performed, in which two penitential prayers are added. If one of the newlyweds is married for the first time, then the usual order is performed.