The sacrament of wedding


The Church Sacrament of Wedding is a tradition rooted in the beginning of Orthodoxy. The Bible says: "Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and possess it." And to the temptations of the Pharisees, who believed that the husband could divorce his wife when he considered it necessary, Jesus Christ said: “the man will leave his father and mother and will cleave to his wife, and they will be two in one flesh, so they are no longer two, but one flesh ".

It is necessary that the newlyweds understand the true essence of church marriage, only then will there be harmony in the family. Spouses should love and respect each other. Only then is it possible to go through all the trials of life, to understand and accept your half.

In the church, with the priest, relatives and friends, the bride and groom make a promise to be faithful to each other until the end of days.

The sacrament of wedding - this is the solicitation of God's grace to their union. A person is weak and weak, therefore the priest prayers for God's help for marriage. There are always many candles at the wedding ceremony - a symbol of light and purity. Everyone who acts in truth and turns to God - goes to the light, to the purification of the soul.


The exchange of wedding rings, during the rite of betrothal, is intended in a symbolic form to show the importance of this step. The priest puts the ring on first to the groom, then to the bride, and then changes them three times. There are many signs associated with engagement. For example, it is considered a bad omen if someone's ring fell during a betrothal, or if it is impossible to put the ring on his finger. The priest will always be able to smooth out the awkward situation and explain the absurdity of superstition.


At the conclusion of the sacrament of wedding, the bride and groom stand on a white towel. The priest offers prayers to the Lord, asking them to bless this marriage and to bestow their children and earthly blessings. They make crowns and hoist them over the heads of the bride and groom. Crowns usually hold the witness and witness on weight, using special handkerchiefs. These scarves, as well as the canvas on which the young will stand, can be purchased in the church shop. Such wedding sets are in all temples..

Then a prayer is read with instructions to the bride and groom, and a cup of wine is made.

The bowl is a symbol of life with common adversities, hardships and joys. Young drink wine at the end of the rite. There are ridiculous cases when the groom, worried, drank the cup to the bottom. It is necessary to know the symbolic meaning of those or other ritual actions in order to avoid such incidents. You need to drink wine together in three doses.

At the end of the sacrament of marriage, the crowns are removed from the bride and groom, and the priest pronounces the words of parting words. Afterwards, young people can be congratulated by friends and relatives who were present at the ceremony.

Throughout the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom are accompanied by icons of the Savior and the Mother of God. After the wedding, the young spouses take the icons home to ask for help and admonition in prayers. Previously, the young were applied even to the icons of Cosmas and Damian, and to the images of the martyrs Guri, Aviv and Samon, who are revered as patrons of the family and marriage. But at present, only true believers know about it..