Church Obstacles to Marriage

Perhaps, every modern wedding includes two processes: a wedding ceremony in a registry office and a wedding so popular at the present time. But before you go to church or temple, you should know that there are obstacles to marriage and some couples may be refused a wedding.

As a rule, before performing the wedding process, the priest finds out from the young couple whether there are any church-canonical obstacles for marriage in the church.

so, obstacles to church marriage, which may result in a denial of the wedding:

  • Not every civil marriage registered in the registry office can serve as an occasion for a wedding ceremony.
  • The church does not allow marriage more than three times.
  • Closely related persons cannot marry.
  • Beliefs and religious views of one of the couple (not baptized, not ready to be baptized, convinced atheist).
  • One of the couple is married to another.
  • Civil marriage is not dissolved in the manner prescribed by the Church.
  • The previous marriage was married and there is no permission from the bishop to divorce him and blessings to enter into a new marriage.
  • Blood relationship of the bride and groom.
  • Spiritual Kinship Acquired through Baptismal Acceptance.
  • One of the couple is a believer of another Christian faith (Baptist, Pentecostal, Catholic, etc.).
  • Another religion of one of the couple (Islam, Buddhism, Judaism).
  • The person who has taken the tonsure and the vow of celibacy.

All of the above obstacles to marriage are clarified when applying for a wedding.

There are times when the Church frees herself from clarifying certain conditions, such as: the maturity of the future spouses, psychological and physical health, voluntariness and reciprocity of decision. All these nuances are clarified during the execution of documents for registration of marriage in the registry office.