Is church divorce possible?


Recently, in connection with the increasing number of divorces, the concept of "debunking" has appeared. It flows out of a logical chain of reasoning: if you can get married and divorced, then you can get married and get married. Is church divorce possible?


In fact, such a thing as “debunking” does not exist in the church. It is necessary to know this, first of all, for those who are preparing for the sacrament of weddings. But, unfortunately, the priest can talk about it with the bride and groom, only at confession, or at meetings before the wedding ceremony.

But at these meetings, according to many clergymen, it is undesirable to overshadow the wedding triumph with words about church divorce. And since most newlyweds come to the temple only for the ceremony itself, the church understanding of marriage and family remains unknown to them, and the Sacrament itself is only a beautiful, magical rite.

The very fact that people come to church with the question of debunking suggests that they do not realize the tragedy of the collapse of the Orthodox family. But the family was conceived by the Lord, as the union of two loving each other men and women, for life. Recall the Gospel of Matthew: "I tell you: whoever divorces his wife not for adultery and marries another, he commits adultery, and marrying a divorced woman commits adultery".

Understanding the family as a small Church, the meaning of which is the salvation of the people united in it, excludes church divorce as some kind of absurd concept. After all, Jesus Christ cannot have two Churches, and the Church cannot have anyone other than Christ. The family is united by the love of a man and a woman for each other and for God.

Church Reasons For Divorce.

But there are reasons why the Church recognizes that the family fell apart. The grounds for termination of the marriage union consecrated by the Church are recognized: adultery of one of the spouses, “inability to marry cohabitation, which occurred before marriage, or resulting from intentional self-mutilation”, sexually transmitted diseases, incurable mental illness, prolonged unknown absence and malicious abandonment of one another.

What if divorce is inevitable?

What to do to the spouse who found in this list of reasons those that became the realities of his life? After all, there can be no church divorce! The answer is: pray. To pray either for the preservation of the family, or for the Lord to help you in this difficult situation, and you will rely on his will in everything.

True faith will help you to build relationships in the family, or to find the one with whom you connect your life. To consecrate a new marriage, you must contact the diocese.

The right to remarry is given to the spouse whose fault is not in the decay of the previous family.

So, we come to the main point of this article - they are not applying for a church divorce, but for permission to remarry.

It is very important to understand the difference between these two concepts. You are not going to gain premarital freedom, but to consecrate the life of a new family.

For those who read this article due to the fact that they are already disappointed in their partner, we wish wisdom and patience. Ask and you will be heard! Well, and those who, with excitement and joyful expectation, are preparing for the sacrament of wedding, let them think about the seriousness and importance of this intention. May the love connecting you help you overcome all the hardships of life and hardships and give you more joyful and happy days!