Debunking Church Marriage


The expression "family boat crashed into everyday life" is known to most couples. For some, this is just a phrase, and for some, realities of life. It seemed that not so long ago, "the wedding was singing and dancing," and in the church you made vows of allegiance and a promise to keep your family, sanctified by God's blessing. So, if there was a wedding, is it possible to debunk a church marriage?

This question interests those who are just about to get a divorce, and those who, after their first unsuccessful marriage, want to create a new family, and go through the Sacrament of Wedding again.

Church divorce

For those who believe that if there is a divorce, then there is debunking, we will immediately answer: there is no such thing as “debunking” in the Church. There is no rite to end church marriage. You will have to apply to the Church for permission only if you decide to get married to a new chosen one, or chosen one. After you register your new marriage in the registry office, you must contact the regional Diocesan Administration, whose address can be found in any church.

Permission, or blessing for remarriage, can be given only there. The priest in the temple has no right to do so. If you have received this permission, you can contact any temple and get married. We’ll clarify again: not the dethrone of church marriage, but the sacrament of wedding for a new family.

If for both newlyweds this marriage is repeated, then the wedding is performed by the “second rank”, without laying crowns. If one of them is married for the first time, then the ceremony takes place with the laying of crowns.

The blessing of remarriage

Not everyone gets permission to remarry. Reasons for termination of the church are described in church law. This is adultery, sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS, alcoholism, drug addiction, incurable mental illness, leaving one spouse to another, an encroachment on the lives of children or spouses. A blessing for a second marriage is given to the party who is innocent of the collapse of the former family. In the event of a divorce, no rite to dispel church marriage is performed.

Worldly reasons for divorce, such as inability to provide for a family, poor relations with relatives, dissimilarity of characters, are not reasons for divorce.

Life after a divorce

If your efforts to save the family were unsuccessful and you made a decision about divorce, accept salvation in prayer. Pray that the Lord will grant you a worthy spouse, and you will surely meet a person with whom you decide to create a new family.

Remember that you must necessarily analyze your mistakes so as not to repeat them in the second marriage. Be tolerant of the flaws of the other, keep love in your hearts. Then you will not have any questions about the possibility of debunking a church marriage, for a truly Christian family lives forever.