Orthodox wedding in the church


Since ancient times, the young began a life together, going through a wedding in the church. Facing the holy images, they made a promise to preserve their marriage, sanctified by the blessing of God. They swore eternal love and fidelity, in a unanimous decision to raise future children according to Christian commandments.

Today, the newlyweds come to the wedding ceremony at will. They can register their marriage with the registry office, or they may decide to consecrate it in the temple. This decision depends on how seriously and deeply the bride and groom understand the meaning of the family. After all, the church allows only one marriage.

Wedding Preparation

What needs to be done if you decide to undergo an Orthodox wedding in a church? To get started, select the temple in which your wedding will take place. Begin preparation approximately three weeks before the expected date. In the temple, talk with the priest, find out the order and rules of the Sacrament, the possibility of photo and video, because not all temples are allowed.

For the wedding ceremony you will need to purchase:

  • icons of the Savior and the Mother of God;
  • wedding candles;
  • a white cloth or towel on which the young will stand during the wedding;
  • wedding rings.

Wedding candles and a white canvas are symbols of purity, light and joy, which are given by the blessing of God to a new Christian family.

Before the wedding in the church, the bride and groom, it is necessary to undergo the rites of purification: hold fast and read prayers for several days. Then, confess and partake of the Holy Mysteries. The priest will tell you at the first meeting what prayers to read and what to refrain from during fasting..

The ceremony requires the presence of witnesses. During the wedding, they will hold crowns over the heads of the newlyweds. The crowns are quite heavy, and you can’t let them go. Allowed only to change the hand holding the crown. Witnesses must be baptized and wear a cross.

There are requirements for a bride along with a wedding in the church. Take care of the cloak if the dress is too open, and headgear. It can be a veil, but not very magnificent, since you will have lighted candles in your hands. Makeup is inconspicuous, and jewelry - to a minimum. But the face should be open before God and the bridegroom.

Before the wedding, the parents bless the young. If for some reason they are not there, select the landed father and mother. They must be married, but not necessarily with each other..

Wedding ceremony

The Orthodox wedding in the church is performed as follows. The priest approaches the young through the Royal Gates and blesses them three times. Then, with prayers, he gives the bride and groom burning candles and conducts a rite of betrothal. He puts on the ring first to the groom, then to the bride, and changes them three times.

After that, young people go to the center of the temple, before the lectern, and stand on a white towel. Before God and the church, the priest asks about the sincerity of their desire to create a new Christian family, and waits for their answers. Then, they make beautifully decorated crowns, and hoist them over the heads of the bride and groom.

The wedding in the church continues the offering of the cup of wine - a symbol of life with all the sorrows and joys that, from this moment, the young must go together, hand in hand. Having drunk three times from the cup, the bride and groom, following the priest, also three times, go around the lectern, as a symbol of following the church.

At the end of the ceremony, the bride and groom are attached to the icons. The priest gives a parting speech, and offers to congratulate the young relatives and friends.