Church wedding


Church weddings are being performed more and more often in our time. The external beauty and solemnity of the wedding ceremony attracts many. However, when addressing the clergy, the bride and groom should understand the true meaning of the wedding. First of all, this is a church sacrament, through which the husband and wife receive a blessing and become one, one flesh.

Today, the wedding in the church unites two rites, which in ancient times were held separately. This is a rite of betrothal and, in fact, wedding. How is this ceremony going??


Betrothal is performed in the temple in the face of the Lord. Newlyweds give each other promises of fidelity, piety. From the hands of the priest they receive lighted candles - a symbol of pure and fiery love. Then the priest blesses them three times. Young thrice cross themselves with the sign of the Cross.

After that, he puts the ring on to the groom, with three overshadowing, and then to the bride. Rings - a symbol of an inextricable, pure union. Then three times there is an exchange of wedding rings, symbolizing sacrifice, willingness to help each other, and also, willingness to accept help.

The priest says a prayer to the Lord for the blessing of this union.


The church wedding takes place in the following sequence: the bride and groom solemnly go to the middle of the temple, and in the face of the Lord and all those present confirm their decision.

Next begins the sacrament of lighting the matrimony. While reading the prayers, the priest blesses the bride and groom and makes it possible to attach to the image of the Savior. The bride and groom are decorated with crowns and served to drink wine from a common bowl. After that, hand in hand, the young people three times follow the priest around the lectern, under the wedding song.

Words of farewell are uttered, and after that, the newlyweds accept congratulations from guests and relatives.