How to behave in the temple?

Today's weddings are increasingly taking place in several stages: a wedding ceremony in the registry office, a wedding ceremony in the temple, a walk and a festive feast.

All of us, as civilized people, know the general rules of human behavior, but we do not always encounter how to behave in the temple during the wedding. We hope that our summary of several rules will facilitate your task and expand your knowledge of the rules of conduct in the temple.

  • Before entering the temple, you need to put your emotional and spiritual state in order. You need to enter the temple with ease and spiritual joy..
  • One must enter the temple with humility in order to come out justified.
  • When you look at the icons, imagine that the Lord himself is looking at you, be in blessing.
  • At the entrance to the temple it is necessary to bow three times and say: “God, cleanse and have mercy on me a sinner”, “God be merciful to me a sinner”, “Blessed Virgin Mary, save me a sinner”, “All saints, pray to God a sinner for me”.
  • In the church during the Divine Liturgy, believers submit notes on health and separately, on the repose of their relatives. The cost of candles and notes can be different.
  • It is necessary to treat the candle with care. Do not be indignant if the minister put out the recently set candle in order to light the candle of another parishioner. God saw your sacrifice.
  • Passing the gates of the temple and the royal gates, you need to stop and cross yourself.
  • Try not to be late for service..
  • During service, try to walk around the temple as little as possible..
  • Applied to icons, relics, it is necessary before and after the ministry, during the all-night service after anointing.
  • In the temple, as a rule, it is customary to stand.
  • It is necessary to monitor the progress of the service so that your prayer reinforces the Church.
  • Watch the children, teach them to pray and reverence.
  • Do not judge the ministers, do not pull the parishioners, do not be annoyed.
  • Try to never leave until after service..
  • As a rule, in the temple, men are located on the right side, women on the left.
  • No one should be on the passage from the main door to the Royal Gate.
  • Women should be dressed modestly, without bright makeup, especially lipstick, so that there are no traces on the icon.
  • Being in the temple, the main thing is to actually immerse yourself in the atmosphere of God's presence, awe, prayer, only then the Lord will fulfill the desires of our heart.