Wedding Preparation


How often the newlyweds are attracted by the beauty of the wedding ceremony in the church, and they forget about the true meaning of this rite! But the wedding is a sacrament that is held to bless the marriage of two people who love each other, God's grace is sought for this union. In order for a marriage to become truly happy, it is necessary to understand the basic essence of ritual actions and to properly prepare for them.

Wedding Preparation

No less significant than the consecration of the marriage itself. How to prepare for the wedding?

Choosing a Wedding Date.

The sacrament of the wedding is held on certain days. Every year, the Orthodox Church publishes a calendar indicating fasting and church holidays and dates. You can find him in church shops.

The wedding is not carried out:

  • In all multi-day posts: Great Lent, Peter the Great, Assumption, Christmas.
  • Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Your preparation for the wedding ceremony should begin by specifying the date when the wedding is permitted..

Temple selection.

About a month before the wedding, start choosing a temple. Ask if wedding photography and video shooting is possible, if one couple can be married (often several pairs of newlyweds are married in churches at once). Find out the cost of the ceremony, as well as the cost of "additional services" - the church choir and bell ringing. Cost must be clarified, since it is very different in different churches.

As you can see, preparation for the wedding includes spiritual and material aspects.

Priest Choice.

In the temple, on which you choose, there may be several clergymen performing the wedding ceremony. Talk to each of them, choose the one that inspires you the most confidence. If you want your spiritual father to have a wedding, ask if he can have a wedding ceremony. Some temples allow this..

Wedding Set.

Preparation for the wedding ceremony involves the acquisition of a wedding set. It includes: wedding candles, a rushnyk and scarfs for candles, wedding icons of the Savior and the Virgin. Such sets are sold in church shops at all temples. Handkerchiefs for candles and towels, as a rule, are decorated with embroidery of needlewomen from convents.

It is also necessary to purchase wedding rings. According to church rules, a gold ring was acquired for the husband, and a silver ring for the wife. Now, most often, newlyweds acquire the same rings, but it is better to follow the charter.

Confession and Communion - Spiritual Preparation for the Wedding.

Before the Sacrament is performed, the bride and groom must confess and partake of the holy mysteries of Christ. Confession and communion before marriage are required for all newlyweds. The cleansing in the sacraments of repentance and communion will help to fully open the soul to accept the grace of marriage. Preparing for confession and communion requires a three-day fasting and prayer. You will learn more about the preparation for these rites from the priest, or from the literature that you will be advised in the church shop.

Photo and video of the wedding ceremony.

Photos and videos are not allowed in all temples. When preparing for the wedding, be sure to clarify this question. In any case, you need to receive a blessing. The person who will take the picture must have an idea of ​​shooting under special lighting. It is better to invite a professional photographer, especially since shooting is allowed only in specially designated areas of the temple, which further complicates the process.