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The best friend of the hero of the occasion, organizing a bachelorette party, should take care of the perfect conduct of the event. If the bride does not like the idea of ​​boring gatherings by the fireplace, organize a trip to a party with energetic dances, music flowing everywhere, bright lights of searchlights. But here it’s not enough just to lead the hero of the occasion to the club, you need to prepare a script that will make the bachelorette party unforgettable. Club Ideas

How to choose a club?

The venue of the bachelorette party depends on the tastes of the bride - it can be a karaoke club where you will perform all your favorite songs, a bowling party - you can not only dance there, but also play, a bachelorette party in a strip club or enchanting light show for electronics. Be guided by the musical preferences of the main character of the bachelorette party, most clubs have a certain style, so you will definitely find a suitable place.

Ordering a VIP lounge is an expensive pleasure, but this idea will help girlfriends at any moment to retire, talk and carry out an entertainment program of the script.

Photo: Ideas for a bachelorette party in a club


First you need to determine the number of guests of the bachelorette party. You need to find out the phone numbers of the bride: girls are better off inviting by phone, specifying their weekends - after all, not everyone will be able to escape from work on a weekday and have fun until the morning. But if a bachelorette party has an idea and a theme - in addition to a phone call, send the appropriate invitation cards.

It should also be clarified who will deal with the financial side of the bachelorette party, because alcoholic cocktails from the menu, lemonade for non-drinkers, a hookah, a separate room, food on the club’s territory - all this costs a lot of money. Some girlfriends may agree to help pay the bill, and the club itself, if agreed, will provide a discount in honor of such an event.

Hen Party Card Ideas

Dress code

Bachelorette party dress code is comfortable and stylish dancewear. Shiny fabrics, sequins, playfully open back, bright accessories, short shorts, skirts - put on something that will attract attention, because the bachelorette party is celebrated once. You can supplement the costume of the main heroine of the holiday with a colored veil, so that it is clear who has a wedding soon. However, do not overdo it with frankness - let your clothes not resemble two flaps of fabric covering the bottom and top.

A meeting

You can meet girlfriends before going to the club or right on the court. It is a good idea to get together with the invited girls in a separate room of the club, and appoint a culprit of the celebration later. Then, if all the girls are punctual, you will give her a pleasant cheerful surprise.

Separate club room

Contests and games

Ideas of various entertainments will help you to make a bachelorette party unusual and interesting. Come up with contests, prepare props, prizes, and the hero of the occasion will certainly appreciate your efforts. Here are some ideas..


Fun wedding contest «Pantomime» entertain guests of a bachelorette party. The girlfriends are divided into two teams, the leader hands them a bag - each girl has to get a photo of the thing that needs to be shown to her team without the help of words. Commonly used words are: «ring», «guests fight», «a wedding cake», «gloves of the bride».

Question answer

Game for a bachelorette party «Question answer» - will bring together best friends even more. The girls sit close to each other, and in a circle pass a burning match. On whom it goes off - he must honestly answer any question asked.

The ability to kiss

Kisses with eyes closed

The organizer prints a man’s poster on a large sheet. Blindfolded girls have to kiss him. Whoever gets closer to his lips wins.

To the touch

A good housewife must understand the culinary art. To test the abilities of the future wife, use the idea of ​​holding a contest for a bachelorette party «To the touch». Lay out fruits, vegetables, sweets, chocolates, eggs in front of the bride. She will need to determine what lies in front of her, trusting sensations.

Attributes of the game

Magic balls

Balloons filled with helium and a black marker give the hero of the occasion - she needs to write on them what she wants to get rid of and what she wants to leave for her future life. After that, she needs to release the strings of the first balls. This idea will help relieve pre-wedding stress..


A funny contest for a bachelorette party in a club: bridesmaids should remove the garters (part of the bride’s outfit for the wedding) from their feet without the help of hands. Which of the girls will get rid of her faster - she will win.


You can wish the bride anything, the main thing is that it comes from the heart. Evaluate the idea of ​​the original video wish for the hero of the occasion:


Presentation of gifts is a mandatory stage of a bachelorette party. There are many ideas for implementation: it can be a memorable old doll, a professional photographer’s photo shoot certificate, even a lotto if a girl likes board games.

Soon the bride will receive a new social status - «wife», and he will not allow her to participate in such crazy festivities until the morning. Therefore, a cheerful, bright club bachelorette party will help her part with her past reckless life.

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