Bachelorette Party Ideas


The best friend of the bride has a difficult task - the organization of an original, fun party, a bachelorette party before the wedding. To make the holiday perfect, she will have to take care of many things - creating a script, inviting guests, drawing up a plan for a bachelorette party. If you cannot figure out what to do during this event, use the following ideas for a bachelorette party..

Creative ideas for a bachelorette party.

Every loving girlfriend wants to make the bachelorette party unforgettable for the bride. Creative ideas will help her create something special - a holiday that the hero of the occasion with guests will remember for a long time.

  • Party quest. Such a bachelorette party is suitable for brides who love surprises. This event is a game during which the main character will travel around the city (or a specific area of ​​the city), finding notes, clues, puzzles, meeting people who will help her get to the final goal - the venue for the bachelorette party.
  • Paintball (fights using shotguns, where instead of bullets there are capsules with paint) or laser tag (when a laser shotgun hits an opponent with a laser gun, it indicates a hit) are interesting active games that will surely please a sports girl. Order a game for an hour or two, change into gear and fight.

Paintball game

  • hen-party «Master Class» - A popular party idea. This is an excellent occasion to have fun, learn something new, and what is the question of the preferences of the hero of the occasion. Examples of activities: dance classes, a master class in preparing cocktails from the bartender, a painting lesson - let the bride try what she had long wanted to learn.
  • The idea of ​​a shooting bachelorette party in a shooting range is an original version of the event. Surely the future wife is tired of the pre-wedding bustle - you need to be responsible for so many things that your head breaks. Going to the shooting range with friends will help her release nervous tension, relax and «shoot» their problems.

Shooting range - an unusual place for a bachelorette party

Creative knowledge of a bachelorette party will help you to know the tastes of your girlfriend and your own imagination. There are a lot of ideas for an unforgettable bachelorette party - it remains to choose the one that is ideal for the bride.

pajama party

The idea of ​​holding a pajama bachelorette party is suitable «home» girls who want to have fun, relax in the circle of the closest people. At home, next to her best friends, she will be able to relax as much as possible. To make the bachelorette party interesting, include in its script a variety of games, contests, tasks. Preparation will be inexpensive: delicious drinks, pleasant treats, mini gifts for the bride - that's all you have to spend on.
Even the fact that such a bachelorette party involves spending the night at home, it can pass no worse than the noisiest club party.

Party at the club

This idea of ​​a bachelorette party is suitable for girls who want to finally have fun with the best girlfriends. Incendiary dances until the morning, delicious alcoholic cocktails, loud music - all this will help to forget about worries for a few hours. Club bachelorette party will not allow guests to communicate properly, but will give a charge of energy, which is so necessary for the hero of the occasion.

Idea for a bachelorette party - night club

Campaign in the sauna

Sauna is a wonderful place where a memorable bachelorette party can take place. If you got the idea to celebrate it there, share it with the bride. You can combine a visit to the sauna with massage, useful procedures that will ensure the healing of the body, will contribute to creating a beautiful appearance for those present. Due to the fact that the pores open due to the high temperature and humidity of the sauna, skin masks will more effectively cope with their task.

When choosing this type of leisure, give up alcohol - it will harm the body.

Sauna - an idea for a healthy bachelorette party

Triumph in a limousine

Elegant clothes, a large salon, champagne, the lights of the night city - all this will be a wonderful addition to the holiday if you use the idea of ​​holding a bachelorette party in a limousine. To order such a transport will not be cheap, but a great time is worth the cost. Make a route for your car ride, visit memorable places, try to lean out of the sunroof. Take pictures and have fun, and after the trip, visit a restaurant or night club.

Bachelorette party in a limousine

Outdoor photo shoot

A bachelorette party combined with a photo shoot is a great idea to forever keep the memory of this day. Beautiful professional photos will decorate the bride’s new family album. You can not only hold a bachelorette photo shoot, but also give the culprit a celebration gift certificate for going to the salon - let it be the most beautiful.

Stylists will prepare the bride for shooting, the rest will be done by the photographer. A walk in the fresh air, beautiful nature, a company of best friends and a camera for creating memorable pictures of fun - a good embodiment of the idea of ​​a bachelorette party.

Photoshoot at a bachelorette party

Watch a short video review of a bachelorette party in nature - a fun and enjoyable event:

Male striptease

Spending an evening and a night of a bachelorette party will help a trip to male striptease. Before arranging such an entertainment for the bride, ask her opinion about this idea, otherwise the surprise may turn out to be unpleasant. If the girl agrees to take a last look at the body of a stranger’s man - go to the strip club, such an event will definitely lift the mood of those present.

Male striptease


Nothing refreshes thoughts like travel. If you have large-scale finances - arrange for your girlfriend an unforgettable bachelorette party weekend where she will be able to change her environment and escape from the hassle. You can go travel to another city or even visit another country - it all depends on the possibilities. Any girl will be glad to be away from troublesome pre-wedding affairs.

Theme party

If you undertook to arrange a theme party, remember that everything should ideally correspond to a single style at it - from refreshments to attire of those present. A few ideas below will help determine which theme of the bachelorette party will be closer to you and the hero of the occasion.

  • Retro style of the 60s became a classic during the hen parties. To create the atmosphere of the last century, find suitable outfits, make hairstyles and go to the table of an expensive restaurant. Small talk, delicious food and drinks will help you enjoy a bachelorette party..

Retro-style bachelorette party

  • «Children's holiday». This idea of ​​a bachelorette party will help bridesmaids return to the past, again feel like little girls - carefree and joyful. Put on bright things, visit your favorite children's cafe, sing songs that you loved before - do everything that adults don’t face, because after the wedding the family responsibility will fall on the shoulders of the hero of the occasion.

Bachelorette Party Idea: Children's Party

  • Oriental style bachelorette party. To create a suitable atmosphere, decorate the room where the event will take place, or visit the oriental restaurant. Attributes that will help you celebrate a bachelorette party in an oriental way - loose bright clothes, hookah, incense sticks, candles, theme music, oriental dances.

Oriental bachelorette party at home

Whatever idea of ​​a thematic bachelorette party you choose - focus on the tastes of the main heroine of the holiday.

Contests for a bachelorette party

Ideas of interesting contests will help you realize the bachelorette party scenario with fun, with excitement:

  • Karaoke. Compete in this field at a special cafe or arrange a vocal battle right at home.

Singing competition

  • Let everyone present remember the phrases-excuses of men and write them down on paper. The host will count. Who remembered more is the winner.
  • Newspaper dances - a funny contest during a bachelorette party. Girls should dance, standing on the newspaper, which will gradually decrease due to the efforts of the presenter - at certain intervals (for example, 30 seconds) he will cut the newspaper in half. The most dexterous and persistent girl will win - the last who will remain to dance on a small piece.
  • «Take off the garter». The essence of the game is that the guests put on a garter on the leg. Whoever succeeds in getting rid of it without the help of his hands wins.

Do not forget to purchase small prizes for winners and participants - even symbolic things will pleasantly please everyone.

What can a bride give?

Gifts to the hero of the occasion - a mandatory part of a bachelorette party. Give her what you see fit, but give up watches, mirrors, knives - this is a bad omen (although modern girls are not as superstitious as before, and will gladly accept the gift). Suitable gifts include high-quality bath towels, personalized jewelry, books, gift certificates, expensive alcohol, things that will be useful to the bride for a hobby, a wedding garter.

Gifts for the bride

Organizing a bachelorette party is not an easy task, but you will cope with this task by finding the right idea for the event. Prepare in advance for the celebration, so as not to do everything in a hurry and forget nothing.

What ideas do you want to use for your bachelorette party? Leave comments after the article..