Let's have a fun bachelorette party at home

So, you decided not to bother your friends and yourself with additional troubles and are going to spend a bachelorette party at home. This option has many advantages, but you need to prepare for it properly..

When living with your parents, make sure that they leave the apartment on the right day, leaving you with your girlfriends. This is an indispensable condition for holding all hen parties. Think, maybe you can prepare a cultural program for them, or send them to the cottage, to barbecue. During your fun-filled bachelorette party, it will probably not be very comfortable for your parents to watch TV with their neighbor, listening to the noise behind the wall. If you live separately, well, one less problem.

Even at a bachelorette party at home, it is customary to send out invitations. They can be a symbolic pass for a bachelorette party, or a memorable gift at the same time, for example, a small soft toy. Also, you can just call everyone in advance or make an appointment at the meeting, having precisely set the date and time for the fun hen party. If you decide to hold a thematic bachelorette party, do not forget to warn all your girlfriends about it so that no one would look like a "black sheep".

Think with the witness how you will entertain the guests. The bachelorette party scenario at home can include a feast, and singing, and dancing, and fun contests. For example, a culinary contest or an intellectual one. You can spend an evening or night of fortune-telling on family life and children. Description of divination methods before the wedding can be found on our wedding portal.

You can include in your evening program watching your favorite movies, listening to your favorite music. If you want a fun-filled bachelorette party - have dances, do something that always lacked time, and that you really like.

Exchange small gifts with your girlfriends. It is not necessary to give something serious, it can be a humorous gift or appropriate to the taste and preferences of a girlfriend.

Do everything so that you can remember a cheerful bachelorette party at home for life!