How to spend a bachelorette party

In ancient times, there were many points without which no bachelorette party could do. Today, one name remains from this tradition (you can also read about the meaning of wedding rites and customs).

Organization of a bachelorette party in our time does not require some careful preparation, because the bride can arrange a bachelorette party in a nightclub, bar or sauna - it all depends on the flight of her imagination, and can do without it, but most likely it will not be interesting. As before, the main and perhaps the only rule is the absence of a male bachelorette party. Although, one can take into account that the rules exist in order to break them, especially since the bachelorette party includes the last opportunity to feel your freedom and independence. You yourself have to choose whether a male striptease will go into the bachelorette party scenario, for example, or you will get by with ordinary gatherings in the kitchen with several girlfriends and, possibly, even your mother.

So, if you have made a choice, you can proceed with organizational issues. To begin with, no one obliges you to start a bachelorette party right before the wedding, because you will need to get a good night's sleep to look cheerful and confident, and not to have a sick look from a hangover. It is better to have a bachelorette party a few days before the wedding. The next tip is not to invite girls or women from the groom, even if you are very friends with them. You do not want them to talk at their family table about what you will secretly talk with your friends.

So how is it right to organize your bachelorette party? In this situation, it all depends on your desires and your capabilities. If you have enough finance, then desires will not keep you waiting. We say that if you do not want to offend anyone, you should arrange several small hen parties in a row: with work colleagues, with girlfriends, with mom and aunts, siblings and good neighbors.

The classic version - invite only those whom you will be pleased to see. Cultural program - alcohol, songs, dances, gossip. Choose a venue for this event based on your preferences and financial capabilities. The role of girlfriends is to entertain you, as it should, on this last "free" day. By the way, no matter what moral limits such entertainments reach, in no case try to get to your future husband for a bachelor party. Let him have fun, as he wants, at the end of the cones, because no one made restrictions on his own rights.