Accessories for a bachelorette party


Bachelorette party is the last day «free» unmarried life of a girl. Here one story ends and another, completely new adult life begins. But it will be later, but for now it is necessary to organize the last party with your girlfriends, so that it will be remembered by everyone for a long time. Depending on the theme of the holiday, you will need different accessories for a bachelorette party, which can be bought in a store, ordered or made with your own hands..

Tiffany Style Party Accessories

For girls with a delicate exquisite taste, a holiday is perfect «Breakfast at Tiffany's». Preparations for such a bachelorette party should be started in advance, as you will need special attributes to create the right atmosphere..

The main accessories for a bachelorette party:

  • Outfits of the 60-70s. It is better to warn girlfriends (event participants) in advance about such a party and themes, so that everyone can pick up and find a dress for herself.
  • Audrey Hepburn's hairstyle and make-up - a great option.
  • Cakes, cookies and a variety of delicious snacks are sure to come in handy..
  • It is worth remembering that objects should be of the same color (different shades can be used), for example, in turquoise blue (even dishes, tablecloths and bedspreads).

Tiffany's Breakfast Party Accessories

Oscar style

hen-party «Oscar» Suitable for those who prefer to do everything on a grand scale and so that the holiday, if not the whole city, then the area. Mandatory attribute - famous figures «Oscars», which you or the host, if any, will present to your girlfriends as a prize for certain services.

Glamorous rhinestones, feathers, tiaras, earrings, leopard skins will be integral accessories for a bachelorette party. All these attributes will help to create a festive atmosphere, you can live one day as a star, enjoying luxury and wealth..

Oscar figurine - an attribute of a bachelorette party in the same style.

For a bachelorette party

If the bride decided «come off in full», then, as an option, it is possible to arrange a bachelorette party. An original, fun party where girlfriends dress up in grooms.

Accessories for bachelorette party - men's jackets, shirts, suits, suspenders, hats, shoes. All this is in the rental of costumes, but in most cases you can get it from the closet from a friend or neighbor. A false mustache will look perfect. The bride, as a rule, puts on a short evening dress and stilettos for such a bachelorette party..

For a bachelorette party in euro style

Recently, pre-wedding parties in a European manner have become increasingly popular. At such a bachelorette party, you should completely abandon everything official, you need to relax and feel like a crazy teenager (even if you are a little over thirty). You need a good company, in quantity - the more the better.

Keep in mind that such a celebration can be criticized by adherents of Orthodox canons, traditions that prefer the standard «the ceremony».

To hold such a party, rent a club with its host, then you will not have to worry about any accessories for a bachelorette party, because the host will take care of everything. If you decide to hold a party of this kind at home, then you should definitely take care of the appropriate music, create a favorable atmosphere, prepare drinks, as a rule, these are sweet cocktails, alcohol, and delicious food

European bachelorette party accessories

Themed dress code

If you decide to hold a theme party, be sure to warn your girlfriends in advance, think over the script, write instructions, select the appropriate accessories for the bachelorette party. All guests should wear the same outfits that match the theme. So, a pajama party implies that invitees will take pajamas or nightgowns with them; Striped vests or nautical caps must be worn at a sea party.

Also sometimes accessories for a bachelorette party are considered distinctive at themed parties - original hats, wings, masks, etc., that only the bride or the organizer of the holiday will come up with.

Theme party: creating a specific holiday style

Accessories on the head

Often used a variety of accessories jewelry for a bachelorette party on the head, allowing you to create accents. As a rule, these are crowns - a bigger bride, and a little less for girlfriends. Wreaths or jewelry made of flowers (which can be made independently), as well as ears, unusual hats, corresponding to the theme of the evening, are popular. Also use rims (wide or narrow).

Accessories for a bachelorette party - head jewelry

Organza T-Shirts and Organza Skirts

Particularly popular among accessories for a bachelorette party are t-shirts with funny, comedy or intriguing inscriptions, drawings. The choice of such t-shirts is huge, so it will not be difficult to find those that are specifically for you.

Outfit for a bachelorette party - t-shirts with funny inscriptions

Organza skirts are often chosen for a t-shirt. Such an outfit in the form of an accessory for a bachelorette party looks extravagant, attracts attention, but your bachelorette party will be remembered not only to you. Often, the skirt is folded from two layers of different colors, which makes the outfit even more interesting. What kind of skirts look like, look at the photo.

Farewell Party Outfit - Organza Skirts

You can buy such a skirt or make it yourself, having thought over the design, as your fantasy tells you. Watch the video master class on making this skirt:

In the style of Coco Chanel

For girls with exquisite taste, a party in the style of Coco Chanel is perfect. The main attributes will be: a miniature evening dress in black, a lot of various jewelry, a minimum of makeup. The evening toilet should be restrained, but sexy. It would be nice to stock up with different sets of jewelry.

Croissants, eclairs or cakes are great snacks. «pasta».

Bachelorette party style Coco Chanel: accessories

Marine style

If you prefer a sea holiday and love this theme, then such a holiday will bring a lot of pleasure. What accessories will be needed for a bachelorette party? Firstly, this is an outfit of sailors - vests, short skirts, etc. Secondly - candles with sea pebbles, shells, lamps. All attributes must be in the same color - sea wave.

The treats that are present on the festive table can be made in the form of marine paraphernalia - anchors, lifebuoys - or in the form of sea inhabitants: fish, stars, shells and other.

Bachelorette Party Accessories

Denim style

To spend a bachelorette party in jeans style, you will need appropriate clothing: it can be shorts, skirts, overalls. Room decoration with accessories for a bachelorette party - napkins, coasters made of denim or using it - will create the right atmosphere.

Accessories for a jeans party

Accessories for room decoration

When choosing accessories for a bachelorette party, namely, jewelry that will serve as a decor for the room where the celebration will be held, consider the theme of the holiday. Balloons, garlands of carved hearts, posters will be a wonderful decoration for almost any holiday..

How to decorate the rooms of the upcoming bachelorette party

DIY Contests Accessories

Accessories for bachelorette party contests should be selected individually based on the program. The main attributes of the competitions are balloons, whipped cream, a variety of clothes and other elements.

How to make a bridal veil for a bachelorette party

A bridal veil for a bachelorette party is worth doing plain, but interesting. As a rule, you can use improvised materials - for example, tulle - and a simple pattern. Attaching such a veil will not be difficult with a hair clip, many prefer to sew it on the elastic, after which it is convenient to attach to the hair.

The main attribute of a bachelorette party is the bride’s veil

Video: how to make a veil yourself

Do-it-yourself veil is simple and looks original. Check out the video below to see how you can make it yourself..

Based on the theme of the event, there is a need to use a variety of accessories for fun. It’s not difficult to choose something suitable, the main thing is that the attributes harmoniously combine with each other and suit the style of the event.

If the article presented helped you prepare for the party and choose the right type of accessories for a bachelorette party, leave your comments and do not forget to share your impression.