Things to do at a bachelorette party before the wedding


If you decide to have a bachelorette party before the wedding, you need to think carefully about how to conduct it and calculate your strength. You will need them tomorrow. Where can we celebrate this last day of a free girl's life? Certainly not in a nightclub or in a disco. After all, you need to get enough sleep, and girlfriends too, otherwise the work of many weeks will go down the drain. If another scenario of a bachelorette party before the wedding does not suit you, spend it a few days before the celebration and "club" in full.

Homemade Bachelorette Party.

The easiest way to hold an event at home, discuss the details of tomorrow's outfits, hairstyles, rehearse the ransom, come up with new “tests” for the groom. Spend a bachelorette party before the wedding in the preparation of props, balls, draw posters.

Well, if everything planned is done, then you can recall the long-standing wedding tradition of having a sweet table called a “cake” on the second day of the wedding. For the closest people, after the guests disperse, the bride baked cakes. This happened under the supervision of those present, and if the pies were successful, then life will be successful. Is this the scenario of a bachelorette party before the wedding? Call it "culinary" and bake with all your goodies girlfriends.

Do you believe at least a little in fortune-telling? Then spend the mystical bachelorette party before the wedding. The bride divides on married life, and girlfriends on grooms. Do not forget that in fortune-telling it is customary not to give names, evil spirits do not sleep. Here are some examples of divination methods..

For future children.

Favorite cup should be thrown behind the head so that it would break. The key word here is "favorite" because kids will be loved too. We look at the results of the throw. How many fragments - so many children will be. If the fragments are even, good, without cracks, then the children will be fine. If the bottom does not split - to the birth of a sage.

Take a needle with a red thread threaded into it. You wind the thread on your index finger so that the needle can swing by the pendulum, hold it over the left palm in a few millimeters. If the needle rotates, a girl will be born; if it oscillates forward - backward - a boy.

You can tell fortunes about your future life not in advance of the wedding, but in advance.

On the day the veil was bought, the bride went to church, bought three candles and approached to put them with her eyes closed. If there were more than twelve candles, then life will be happy, less than seven will be a difficult life, and three candles and less will soon divorce.

Coming up with a bachelorette party scenario, include contests and quizzes prepared by you for the ransom ceremony. Experience for yourself whether it will be difficult for the groom, for example, to come up with affectionate names for the bride, moving up the stairs to her apartment. A step is an affectionate name; if you haven’t come up with it, pay. You can complicate the task by assigning a theme (vegetable, tasty or derivative on behalf of). Other similar contests can be found on the pages of our wedding portal..

Bachelorette party "away".

A bachelorette party before the wedding can be held outside the house. Sign up in advance for some good beauty parlor. All the girls will be happy to clean their feathers before the holiday. Also, for the benefit of body and soul, you can visit the bathhouse, sauna. Or you can just sit in a cafe. The scenario of the bachelorette party before the wedding can overlap with the scenario of the wedding itself. If the wedding is planned extreme, then the bachelorette party should be matched. Maybe at the bachelorette party before the wedding, you decide to embellish the clearing in the forest, where you will hold the event itself. Whatever your thoughts, try to relax and have fun before the most important day of your life.