Scenery of a bachelorette party in a sauna


For every bride, a bachelorette party is an important, touching holiday of farewell to a bachelor life on the eve of the wedding day. And one of the wonderful ideas of spending time on this day will be a scenario for celebrating a bachelorette party in a sauna.

Now some saunas also include a complex of spa treatments, professional massage therapists, and cosmetologists. This will brighten up your vacation, give you the opportunity to relax your soul and body in a pleasant, quiet atmosphere to the music where no one bothers you. The procedures will bring in addition to pleasure, a positive mood and excellent health. Here, after the steam room, you can swim in the pool. Do not forget about the broom.

How to invite?

An important part of organizing the script will be the choice of invitees. Traditionally, the closest friends and relatives are chosen. Invited guests can be married or single. Invitations are often given verbally, for example, by telephone or in person. But it’s better if it is a postcard, because it will remain with the guests for a long memory.

You can buy or order a postcard, but it is more pleasant to do it yourself. Write an invitation, date, time, venue, dress code, name of girlfriend. To make the card more suitable for the theme of the party, cut it out of colored cardboard or from special paper, in the form of a swimsuit or panties (see photo below) - show your imagination. Decorate the card with ribbons, lace. Give it to each friend in person, send it by mail or fasten it to a car. If the invitation idea was a success and you sent them to your girlfriends, then you can go to the second paragraph of the script.

Invitation card

Meeting with guests

The next item and the start of the bachelorette party script will be the meeting of all invited guests in front of the sauna. After all, guests can be both familiar and not know each other. The hero of the occasion personally meets each guest, introduces her to those present.

A list of what she should say about her girlfriend at a meeting:

  • The full name of the friend who came, or the nickname that the girl herself loves.
  • Under what circumstances did you meet.
  • A little character about a girlfriend.

If even all the girlfriends are familiar with each other, they will be pleased with such a small official note at the meeting, attention paid to each. This will make it clear how well the girl knows friends, expresses their importance to her.

Giving presents

After all the friends have gathered, the second part of the bachelorette party scenario for the sauna begins - giving presents. Such gifts are small pleasant little things that you will need before the wedding: makeup items, beautiful underwear, a paid visit to a cosmetologist, hairdresser, makeup artist. An envelope with money for a honeymoon will also be a great gift. If a girlfriend, for some reason, will not be present at the wedding, then she can give her wedding present at the bachelorette party.

Presenting gifts at a bachelorette party

Another tradition of a bachelorette party is that the bride gives away girlfriends for gifts received. The girl gives something that will remind her friends of her bachelor life. For example, bright jewelry that was dressed at a disco, clothing items, or souvenirs.

Also bring a camera and a camera for the sauna. After all, the taken photos, videos will be a good memory of a bachelorette party. For long-term storage of photos, arrange them like small books. Guests who receive such a gift after the wedding will be delighted..

Long tradition

In addition to the usual procedures for meeting, giving presents at a bachelorette party, the scenario of a party in the sauna implies some traditional rites. In ancient times, it was believed that girlfriends should broom a young bride with a broom a couple of times, clearing her of all the bad things that happened to her in girlhood. After the last blow of the broom, it was believed that the girl stepped on the path of an already married woman.

After finishing the bathing procedures in the sauna, all the girlfriends sat around the bride, braided her for the last time, and sang old, sad songs together. After all, then the periods before and after the marriage of the girl were different. Such a rite is possible in our days, for example, you can weave a braid to the bride with candles.

Tea party

When all the invited guests are present and all the gifts are given, according to the script, the time comes for tea gatherings. There are special sauna rooms for this. Pleasant herbal teas, spirits, alcoholic cocktails, treats, snacks, sweets will brighten up your gatherings. Everyone exchanges news, discusses the upcoming wedding, the ransom, the bachelor life of the future wife, just chatting. It will be funny if every girl tells a funny story about the bride’s maidenhood.

If not all the girlfriends were familiar with each other, then tea drinking will provide an opportunity to get to know each other, get to know each other better and just enjoy a pleasant conversation. Do not forget to take photos and shoot events on video.

Pleasant gatherings in the sauna with refreshments


Fortune telling about the future may become the next stage of the bachelorette party scenario after tea drinking. These fortune-telling should not be taken seriously, they are intended more for entertainment. They will give everyone the opportunity to feel like fortune tellers, real fortune tellers. Usually, a newlywed divines for the family and children, and unmarried girls for the future bridegroom. You will need to prepare the props in advance: candles, a deck of cards, as well as other attributes necessary for fortune telling.

Fortune telling on the ring

You will need a faceted glass of water placed on the table, a thread, an engagement ring. Thread the thread through the ring and tie, creating a pendulum. Take the thread with your left hand, and fix the ring over the glass with your right hand. The following is a question, for example, when will the children appear. If the girl is 21 years old, then the countdown starts at 22. On what figure the ring will move, that year there will be children. If the ring moved the rim forward - your child will be a boy, and when across - a girl.

Fortune telling on the phone book

You only need a phone book. One girl picks up a book, the second calls any page, line of the book. If fortune-telling is carried out for the future wife, then the name of the child will fall out, and for the girlfriend - the name of her married.

For fun, write down all your fortune-telling results, and return these notes to one girl for storage. Having gathered a year or two after the wedding, you can read all the names and compare what happened.

Fortune telling with candles


The scenario of your bachelorette party in the sauna includes not only pleasant gatherings, a visit to the steam room, spa treatments, gift exchange, fortune telling. This is also an occasion to have fun. Hold some interesting wedding-themed contests, by the end of which the winner will receive a small prize.

Fun contests will be a great addition to the scenario of the party, with their help you can have fun, make funny photos, diversify the measured gatherings.

List of possible contests:

  • Questions-advice to the bride according to the rules of swaddling the child, how to prepare this or that dish.
  • «guess who». The bride is blindfolded, and she senses by touch which of the invited guests is standing in front of her.
  • Swimming competitions in the sauna pool.
  • Who will eat a piece of cake faster.
  • Come up with a toast, a ditty about a bachelorette party.
  • Dance the whole song with a broom.

The competition for the pool should be carried out carefully, because there is a chance to fall, get injured or bruised. And this is undesirable just before the wedding.


In addition to contests, games are also held according to the script. Games will provide an opportunity not only to observe the process, but also to participate in the entertainment themselves. They should be prepared a little in advance.

  • Game to the touch. This game is a staging of a girl’s readiness for housekeeping. According to the scenario of the game, the blindfolded girl should touch to distinguish the vegetables and fruits lying in front of her. For example, orange, mandarin, tomato and so on (round).
  • Game for knowledge of biography. Each of the friends writes on the piece of paper something funny from life about the bride. Leaflets are mixed. The hero of the occasion takes one at a time and reads aloud. According to the game scenario, the task of the future bride is to determine the author of the read lines.

Farewell wishes

The last point of the scenario for the bachelorette party in the sauna will be farewell wishes. It is believed that the bride before the wedding personifies a mascot. Therefore, she says to each guest a few good words, wishes in her personal life.

After that, the bachelorette party script is officially considered completed. Pastimes in the sauna will appeal to all the invited girls. Goodbye hug each girlfriend. If a bachelorette party is held on the eve of the wedding, the witness remains to spend the night with the bride.

The scenario for a bachelorette party in the sauna has many advantages, and this option will be inexpensive. If you have a lot of guests, order a host to simplify your entertainment. Sometimes guests order a male striptease for the bride so that she last enjoys her bachelor life. An example scenario of a party in a sauna, see this video:

If you have already attended such holidays, and have experience in writing a bachelorette party scenario, leave your comments below. Perhaps you have something to add to the scenario of a bachelorette party in a private sauna.