Bachelorette party before the wedding


Before the bride puts a ring on her ring finger and forever connects with her man, she has the opportunity to stretch out to the fullest, celebrating the last days of freedom. Bachelorette party before the wedding - an event that will allow her to say goodbye without regrets «bachelor» life. The organization of a fun holiday usually becomes the responsibility of the best friend, who is obliged to arrange everything in the best possible way..

How to spend a bachelorette party before the wedding

If you are wondering how to spend the perfect pre-wedding bachelorette party, here is the answer to it: «Fun, interesting and original!». All those present, and most importantly, the hero of the occasion, should have wonderful memories of this day. To start, take care of inviting guests - these should be the closest bridesmaids. Make a list of invited girls, call them to choose a day when everyone can come.

When choosing a date for a bachelorette party before the wedding, make sure that it is not scheduled a day or two before the celebration - the bride will have plenty of worries at this time. Let the bachelorette party take place a week before the wedding. Decide on the scenario of the party, come up with fun games, contests, draw up a detailed plan that will help you not to waste time. If there is a theme party, remember to respect the style - from the clothes of those present to the food served.

Photo: Thematic pre-wedding bachelorette party

Your knowledge of your girlfriend’s character will tell you the idea of ​​an ideal holiday: for lovers of peace, comfort and soulful conversations, plan interesting home gatherings with movies, a noisy party will come to rest in the morning, and girls who like to relax with chic can have an evening trip to a beautiful restaurant or car a ride in a limousine. Whichever option you choose, follow the tastes of the girl for whom the bachelorette party is arranged, then you can charge her with positive energy before the wedding.

Holiday in the sauna

If you see that the bride is tired of the hassle before the wedding, and needs rest and recovery, organize a relaxing bachelorette party for her. Holding a holiday in the sauna will relax the hero of the occasion, help her relax body and soul. Combine this event with wellness spa treatments, an invitation from a massage therapist or even a stripper (but be sure to consult a bride who may not be happy with such a gift).

Pre-wedding bachelorette party in the sauna

At the temperature and humidity of the sauna it is not recommended to drink alcohol, but after it you can go to the nearest cafe, drink a few cocktails, talk about the upcoming wedding.

Club entertainment

This leisure will not allow you to talk, but it will enable the main heroine of the holiday to have a great night, dancing to loud music and not thinking about anything. After the wedding, the time will come for family life, when returning home by four in the morning will seem strange, so a club bachelorette party is a great way to say goodbye to a free life and spending the night out. Disco until the morning, delicious drinks, crazy dances - then there will definitely be something to remember.

Photo: Club bachelorette party of the bride

Options for a theme party with PHOTO

If you decide to have a theme party, remember that you need to prepare for it in advance. A single style is the main sign of a successful thematic bachelorette party. Costumes of guests, refreshments, booze, the atmosphere around should be harmoniously combined, reflecting your chosen concept. Here are the ideas of bright thematic pre-wedding hen parties:

  • Hawaii. The hot sun, tall palm trees, energetic music that does not allow you to sit still is the Hawaiian style. Such a party should be held on the beach or lake to create the perfect atmosphere, however indoor options are also acceptable. Fruits, coconuts, cocktails, palm leaves, lei on the necks of guests, swimwear, colorful shirts, theme competitions will support the degree of a hot party.

Hawaiian Pre-Wedding Bachelorette Party

  • Popular now sea ​​style holding a bachelorette party before the wedding. Funny vests, short shorts, caps - integral parts of costumes. As for the venue, everything is clear - it is best to celebrate such a bachelorette party on a yacht or boat.

Photo: Nautical-style bachelorette party of a bride

  • Sixties retro bachelorette party you won’t surprise anyone already, but it still remains one of the most elegant and beautiful options for holding the holiday. Exquisite outfits, high elegant hairstyles, bright but neat make-up will make your company chic. Visit the restaurant or go for a long walk - you will catch the admiring glances of passers-by.

Pre-wedding bachelorette party as in the sixties

  • pajama party. If the bride does not want to go far from home, arrange a themed pajamas bachelorette party before the wedding. Pillow fights, delicious treats, mulled wine, watching a movie - a pleasant way to spend time. Arrange «Home Beauty Salon» - paint each other's nails, do makeup, hair and face masks.

Photo: Pajama Party Bachelorette Party

  • hen-party «Childhood» - bright outfits, active games, sweets that will help girlfriends remember the past. Watch in the video how a fun-filled bachelorette party in childhood is celebrated:

Show your imagination to come up with your theme for the bachelorette party before the wedding - this way you will make it special. At such an event, you should definitely call a photographer who can capture the brightest moments in the photo.

Fun scenario for a bachelorette party

Having fun at a bachelorette party will help you with leisure, for which there is usually not enough time - for example, visiting an amusement park. Surely those present did not ride extreme carousels, fun roller coasters for a long time. If you want to relax even more, grab a swimsuit and have a bachelorette party in an aquapark - there you can take a swim in the wave pool, take a ride on interesting water slides, and after rest go to a local cafe to discuss her plans with the bride before the wedding.

Place for a bachelorette party

Contests and games

All sorts of contests and games will allow a bachelorette party to be held before the imminent wedding fun and pleasant, but do not forget to buy small prizes for participants and winners. Here are some ideas for interesting events that you can include in a bachelorette party scenario:

  • Traditional fortune telling. Let superstitions go down in history, but fortune-telling remains a pleasant, mystical and unusual way to spend time. The main thing is to create a suitable atmosphere (light candles, put incense sticks).

Mysterious atmosphere of fortune telling at the pre-wedding bachelorette party

  • «Question answer». This game will help bring together best friends even more. Girls sit in a circle, a match is lit. They pass it on to each other and the one on whom the match goes out honestly answers any question asked by the neighbor on the right.
  • A pre-wedding bachelorette party is a great reason to say goodbye to the past that you want to forget. Write on the sheet all that you don’t want to remember anymore, and burn it.
  • «Feed me» - a funny game for a bachelorette party. Girls are divided into pairs, they are blindfolded, they are given plates, spoons. The objective of the game is to feed your couple. Whoever does it more accurately wins.
  • Let each girlfriend tell something old that she remembers about you, and the most interesting story, according to the guests, will win.

A cheerful bachelorette party before the upcoming wedding will help those present to unwind, and will give the bride an opportunity to break away from everyday tasks that have to be solved in preparation for the celebration. Organizing a bachelorette party is a lot of work, but the shining eyes of a best friend are worth the effort.

Leave a comment if you had to organize such an event. What was it like? Share your experience in the comments!