Fun ideas for a bachelorette party


If you include fantasy, then there are always interesting ideas for a bachelorette party. Check out the several options below and ...!

"Ambush for the groom"

The theme of the bachelorette party may be the preparation itself for the ransom ceremony. How many fresh ideas can come to mind in the relaxed atmosphere of a company of girls. Develop a buyback scenario, distribute replicas, prepare the necessary props. Surely you will laugh at plenty, have a good time with light snacks and the benefits of such a bachelorette party are obvious.

Bath day

Have a bachelorette party in a sauna or bath. This idea is not new for a bachelorette party. In the old days, hen parties ended in a bathhouse. You can plan wedding contests related to water and bath theme. Or you can create a corner of the Riviera in the sauna with beach attributes and summer cocktails, fruits and ice cream.


During a bachelorette party, you can go on a trip around the city. And the chip will be that everyone will be in clothes of the same color, with slogans and banners proclaiming the upcoming event. An option, of course, for the brave, because not everyone will withstand the close attention of passers-by.


If you are lovers of outdoor recreation, then the country theme of the event is for you. This idea for a bachelorette party can be implemented in the country or by organizing a trip. Games, contests for the best woven wreath, songs by the fire, boating, fortune-telling on daisies, the search for a hidden treasure - a surprise from the bride.

"Goodbye, kindergarten!"

The name speaks for itself. All invitees come in the form of little girls with huge bows. The party takes place among soft toys and children's photos. You can offer to taste your favorite childhood dishes, remember children's songs, rhymes. Arrange a competition for the manufacture of crafts from plasticine, dubbing your favorite cartoon.

"School time"

The idea for a bachelorette party is similar to the previous one. The room is decorated with a blackboard, wall newspapers with photos of the bride in her school years, and stories from school life. In addition to the rest, symbolic treats - pies, rolls, compote, etc. To come up with interesting entertainments is also not difficult. For example, comic exams in various subjects with entry in the diary.

"Pajama party"

Entrance is strictly in pajamas and beautiful nightgowns. You can sit on a large soft bed, among the pillows. At such a party, fruits and vegetables, light drinks are suitable as a treat. You can start watching photos, videos, you can arrange pillow fights. Calm relaxing atmosphere of a pleasant stay..

"East is a delicate matter! "

A harem party is another idea for a bachelorette party. Decorate the room with light transparent fabrics, add pillows to the floor, the sweet aromas of incense will create a sense of oriental harem. From sweets - all kinds of sweets, from competitions - belly dance, tales of Scheherazade.


It’s enough to recall the film “Only Girls in Jazz” and you will immediately understand in what form to appear at such a party. A walk in a chic retro limousine to a restaurant or a jazz club will create the full feeling that you are a Hollywood star of the beginning of the XX century.

"From winter to summer!"

This idea for a bachelorette party is based on the contrast of seasons. In winter, you can start a party at the rink or playing snowballs, rolling down the hill. Organize a contest for the most beautiful snow woman, ice skating. And you can continue the bachelorette party at home in the warmth, preparing the room in such a way as to create a feeling of hot summer. For warming drinks and all kinds of fruits, a casual conversation and congratulations to the bride will follow. And then - Latin dances non-stop.

There are a lot of ideas! Show your imagination!