Barbie style bachelorette party


The pre-wedding party of the bride should be unforgettable, bright. A great idea for its embodiment is a Barbie-style bachelorette party. Juicy colors with a prevailing pink, fluffy skirts, excellent mood - these are the components of a real bachelorette party. But the main thing is that all these elements correspond to the style of the bachelorette party, namely, they express carelessness, joy, unrestrained fun. Wear pink glasses, plunge headlong into childhood, remembering the dollhouse and fascinating games of Barbie - do not limit yourself, because soon you will find the path of adulthood.

Place selection and design

Place for a barbie bachelorette party

To begin with, we determine the venue of the bachelorette party: a suitable option would be your own apartment. Make her a Barbie-style dollhouse, add accessories - a box for a doll or Ken from thick cardboard, but always in full growth. It will come in handy for you to create unforgettable photos..

But if you decide to celebrate a bachelorette party in an institution, then you need to choose a cafe that is appropriate in style, focusing on the opportunity to introduce an element of Barbie style. It is better to decorate the banquet hall with interesting objects:

  • Jewelry will suit both wedding and just glamorous - pink, white, red.
  • Tables decorate with bows, balloons, organza nets - pink, like Barbie herself.
  • Decorate your glasses with chiffon skirts, sofas with pink heart pillows, soft toys, Barbie dolls.

How and who to invite

Invitations for Barbie Doll Puppet

For an invitation to a bachelorette party of a doll style, make interesting invitation cards: let them be pink, decorated with rhinestones. Create invitations with your own hands, or use ready-made postcard templates, embellishing them a little thanks to your imagination. You need to invite the best girlfriends to the bachelorette party - everyone who will be the key to a fun pastime.

Before creating a menu with treats for guests, decide on the design of the festive table of the bachelorette party in a puppet style. It can be a buffet with appetizers, a full-fledged - with hot dishes or a buffet-style option - with sweet treats and drinks.

For the buffet, various snacks, canapes, sweet dishes - cakes, cookies, sweets, cupcakes, as well as fruits are suitable. What alcoholic drinks do Barbie dolls drink? Of course, this is a martini, or cocktails «stronger», diluted with sweet soda.

If you want to fully feed guests at your bachelorette party, include cold snacks (meat, fish, vegetable slices), salads, hot dishes (portioned or whole), side dishes (baked or fresh vegetables, potatoes) in the menu. Of alcoholic beverages - martini, champagne or wine, but if the invited girls prefer strong alcohol, then choose vodka or cognac.

Menu for Barbie Bachelorette Party

The option with the design of a buffet sweet table at a bachelorette party in a bright a la Barbie style implies the presence of air cupcakes, marmalade, colorful marshmallows, muffins, donuts, sweets in bright wrappers. It is imperative that all sweets are pink, turquoise, peach in color. Add fruit to the sweet table; martini, champagne, white wine or various cocktails decorated with bright umbrellas, straws are perfect for alcohol..


Going to a theme bachelorette party, choose a make-up that will complement your image and style of the holiday. How to create beautiful make-up for a girl in the style of Barbie dolls?

  • Analyze your skin condition. After all, Barbie dolls have smooth, light, almost transparent skin. To create such a face you will need: a makeup base, a corrector to hide bumps, pimples or circles under the eyes, as well as a natural or light pink shade foundation..
  • Big doll eyes. Of course, the emphasis in makeup should be on the eyes. To do this, it is not necessary to choose shades of pink and all its shades, because there will be plenty of them in clothes and accessories. Give preference to shades of fuchsia, lavender, honey. To make the look more penetrating, apply light shadows on the inner corner of the eye, darken the middle of the eyelid, and use a light shade with sparkles or nacre under the brow itself.
  • Use black eyeliner, but don't make the arrows too thick. The ideal option is a thin line from the inner eyelid, turning into slightly thickened to the outer. For a doll look, silver, lilac eyeliner with sparkles is suitable.
  • Cilia should be long, lush, like Barbie. For this purpose, you can use invoices or draw your own eyelashes several times with thick ink.
  • Perfect eyebrows. Did you see what eyebrows the doll has? They have a beautiful, even shape. Fill all the spaces between the eyebrow hairs with a pencil or eyeshadow with a beveled brush. The right eyebrow line is ready.
  • Chubby lips. Make lips juicy, beautiful with a pencil, lipstick and gloss. Choose a lipstick color that matches the tone of all your makeup. Not "flashy" looks beautiful, but the calmer colors of caramel, peach, burgundy, coral or pink. Lip contour with a pencil to match the tone of lipstick. After applying lipstick, add a little gloss to the center of the lips..
  • Gentle blush. The final touch of doll makeup is blush. Put on the cheekbones blush pale pink or peach color and make-up on the bachelorette party of a puppet style is ready.

For a more visual example of creating a Barbie-style doll makeup, watch the video tutorial.


The fair-haired girl will be indistinguishable from Barbie, but who said that dolls are not dark-haired? To create a doll hairstyle for a bachelorette party, voluminous curls, high tails, combing are suitable. Boldly, originally, in the style of the party dedicated to the beloved by millions of Barbie, wigs of various colors will look, pink is ideal here.

The appearance of the bride, her girlfriends should reflect her childhood, her favorite dolls, so do not be afraid of bright colors, as well as an excess of decor. Use hairpins, feathers, tiaras and hats, you can also sew a veil of chiffon, decorated with rhinestones, sequins, bows.

Lush curls for a barbie-style bachelorette party

Correctly selected costumes will help to complement the image for a bachelorette party. Barbie style wardrobe necessarily contains t-shirts that are painted or embroidered with beads and sequins. It’s easy to complement them: it’s good to use multi-colored tops, puffy skirts, white or colored stockings, high-heeled shoes, fur boas, bright leather handbags. Even in the absence of bright elements for the costume, you can quickly sew a fluffy skirt from organza canvas and a piece of elastic and a Barbie style outfit is ready.


Cycling walks during the barbie bachelorette party

How to have fun at a puppet bachelorette party? To support the image of the bright and mischievous Barbie doll you can:

  • Try on outfits. Barbie dolls are real fashionistas, so if you are celebrating a bachelorette party at home, arrange a dressing-up contest, the purpose of which is to create a beautiful, vivid puppet look. At the disposal of the girls will go your clothes, shoes, accessories. The winner of the contest is a girl whose image will turn out to be the most elegant.
  • Hire white painted bikes with pink baskets and go for a drive to the park. Remember to bring your camera and picnic mat with you. Having rolled enough, you can take a break, spread a rug in the park and take pictures - you will get beautiful pictures in memory of the bachelorette party.
  • Rent a bright pink limo. Take a ride on the main square of your city, let everyone see the real Barbie dolls, find out that one of them has a bachelorette party today.
  • Sing and dance. For these purposes, after a bachelorette party, go to a nightclub to dance until the morning or sing funny songs to a karaoke bar.
  • Invite Ken. If the main hero of the occasion does not mind, order a stripper dressed in Ken's style for her. This will be a pleasant surprise at the bachelorette party, which will delight and amuse not only the future bride, but also all the invited girls.


What a holiday without a gift? What to give to the main hero of the occasion at the Barbie-style bachelorette party:

  • Beautiful, elegant doll - porcelain, Barbie or any other.
  • Pink bedding.
  • Underwear. Bright, original in the form of a corset and pants of fuchsia color, or a pale pink set for the first wedding night.
  • Soft toy - a large teddy bear with a pink bow or other animals.
  • Cosmetics - bright nail polishes, lipstick, gloss, powder. Pack it all in a beautiful cosmetic bag.

To preserve memories of a bachelorette party, present each other Barbie dolls, choosing for each one that will be as similar as possible to its mistress. Wrap all gifts, adhering to the style, with pink paper and decorate with large bows, rhinestones, ribbons.


Outdoor photo shoot for a barbie bachelorette party

After a bachelorette party in the style of Barbie, be sure to walk around the city, ride a limousine, walk through interesting memorable places. All this time, a photographer should be nearby with you, who will skillfully capture moments of fun. Gathering with girlfriends after some time, you will have something to remember, something to laugh at from the heart, looking at photos and remembering the bright moments of your bachelorette party.

For a photo shoot, you can use Barbie-style accessories: balloons, large bows, decals, toys and houses - in short, everything that is associated with childhood and dolls. Further, it all depends only on the boundless flight of your imagination.

If you celebrated a Barbie-style bachelorette party, and you have something to tell about this - leave your comments.