What do wedding witnesses need?

A wedding is a pleasant but troublesome event. It is being prepared not only for young people and their parents, but also for honorable witnesses. A large proportion of the obligations on the holiday falls on the shoulders of these people and only they have to help the newlyweds and amuse the guests. Witnesses are required to help in all cases at the celebration. It is important to take into account all the moments in order to ensure the full happiness of all those present, and most importantly, not to spoil the fairy tale young.

What you need to prepare for the wedding witnesses

The witness and the witness will help the bride and groom at the stage of preparation for the wedding: the organization of a bachelor party, a bachelorette party; help in selecting toasts, photos, video operators, all these are their responsibilities. They also prepare with all responsibility for this day: they stock up not only with toasts, jokes, but also with the necessary things for a full celebration.

The mood of witnesses at the wedding

Small banknotes

The ransom of the bride is the first step to family life that takes place at a wedding. The witness experiences no less than the groom at this stage, because his duties include redeeming the young one from his friends, who, in turn, sell her and want to get a decent fee. Small money will be needed for both the witness and the groom at the wedding. The more notes, the more economical the process will be. «purchases» young. A trifle will also be needed in future competitions.

In addition to small money for the ransom of the bride, it is worth preparing sweets, champagne. To bribe the wedding buddies, the witness needs to start bidding with a gentleman's set, and not with money. This will allow you not to spend most of the banknotes at the first stage of the wedding. You need to take care of the coins, try to put them in socks or small pockets. Mimic that you get the most untouchable stocks (NZ).

How the wedding failed to witness

Minimal ambulance kit

The mood and appearance of the bride largely depend on the concentration, the actions of the witness at the wedding. A friend must prepare in advance everything necessary to support the beautiful appearance of a young one. It is necessary to stock up on additional items, which may not be useful, but it is better that they are present at the witness. At any time you will be on hand, help your best friend, and for a wedding you may need:

  • items of cosmetics;
  • a small medical kit or part of it - a band-aid, ammonia, cotton wool;
  • dry, wet wipes;
  • water;
  • thread with a needle (preferably black and white);
  • pins
  • wedding hair clip;
  • fan;
  • phone;
  • pocket mirror;
  • money.

Prizes for competitions

Although wedding organizers with spouses have the right to engage in the purchase of gifts for guests, witnesses should also not stand by. Throughout the holiday, you will need to participate, redeem, respond, bargain and support, so there should always be present on hand. It can be sweet candies, chewing gum or cookies, you can stock up on small bottles of alcohol. And it will also be useful to have banknotes of different currencies of the world and gift wedding certificates.

Prizes from witnesses at the wedding

If on your shoulders the tasks of buying gifts for guests are entrusted with during the whole wedding celebration, then you should think about: key chains, magnets, combs, kitchen utensils, dishes, cosmetics, and machine accessories. Everything should be in the direction: the witness prepares wrenches for a gift to men, and the witness - lipsticks and powders for women. We need a friend and a friend to talk to each other about interesting moments at a wedding.

Stock up on wedding toasts and congratulations

One of the first who will invite guests to a wedding feast will be witnesses. Prepare congratulatory speeches, beautiful words, gifts in advance. It is very pleasant for the bride and groom to hear from you sincerity, not memorized verses. If you want to prove yourself - write an essay yourself in a rhymed form, this will be a wonderful gift for newlyweds.

Friends and girlfriends with table toasts

As for prose in congratulations at the wedding, it is more appropriate than ever here. You can give an example from life in a toast, tell a joke. The witness in congratulations should not only say wishes to the young, but also amuse the guests, create a pleasant fun aura near the wedding table. The unity of the friends of the spouses well affects the mood of the guests, so do not be afraid to step over your desires, help create a beautiful holiday.

An interesting idea for congratulations is a song, and if it reminds of the past time and marks some former event, it will be even better. Even if you do not have the voice of the Madonna - it's okay, in a narrow wedding circle of friends and acquaintances everyone will understand you and will not taunt you, on the contrary, this step will look elegant. Melodies of rap style have recently become more popular wedding songs for performance, it is easy to remember, but does not have a special musical line that you will have to learn.

To prepare a collection of wedding music

How is any wedding celebration without a beautiful accompaniment? Witnesses can help in the selection of compositions for dancing, banquet and competitions. They, like no one else, should know the preferences of the young, so this task will not be difficult for you. Unusual compositions that are not popular are allowed as a surprise at the wedding: waltzes, classics, bird singing, the sound of the surf.

It is worth knowing that as a musical accompaniment the witness will select not only funny works, but also lyrical ones. During a meal, it will be better if a romance or a classical composition sounds, because it is necessary to allocate guests' relaxation time from noisy competitions, wedding ups and downs. For the wedding ceremony, choose the kind of music that the newlyweds like. If special organizers will deal with this issue, rely on their taste, but you always need to control the work.

Create a buyback scenario

A witness with a company of girlfriends will draw up a plan for the sale of the bride. This is the most important task, the best to implement it with a bottle of champagne and a good mood. Gather in a narrow circle and start the plan from the very first step, gate or gate. There should be up to 10 contests in a wedding buyout. Too many of them bore not only guests, but also the groom himself.

To combine wedding contests well, choose several types of testing physical capabilities, the financial side, the need to sweeten life, the knowledge of important dates, the parameters of the bride. The groom should prepare for the wedding ransom properly, but he is not recommended to him or her to talk about future competitions, as the effect of surprise.