Duties of the witness at the wedding


Best friend getting married and suggested you become a witness? This is great! But, before agreeing to such a responsible role, it is necessary to clearly assimilate the duties of a witness at a wedding. This role is honorable, but no less responsible..

Witness - bride's right hand

The witness is the first assistant at the wedding. The bride chooses as a witness one of her unmarried close friends, hoping that the girl will help her prepare for the wedding, and will also support during the wedding ceremony and the festive feast. First of all, the witness provides moral support.. «Right hand» the bride and groom should not leave her alone for a long time, help may be needed at any moment.

The witness should be aware of how excited her friend is before and during the wedding, and to help organize the celebration. The witness’s responsibilities also include planning for some organizational moments at the wedding. For example, she plays a leading role in the ransom, goes to the registry office with the newlyweds, and is also nearby during the marriage process. Although witnesses now do not always put their signatures in the registry office, but without them, as before, a wedding is not a wedding.

Appearance of the witness

The witness should look elegant and festive, with all her appearance emphasizing the happiness and joy of her best friend. The main thing is not to overdo it.

  • You should not choose a dress that would add similarity to the bride. Vulgar outfits are not allowed - too short or having a large neckline, eye-catching.
  • It is not recommended for the witness to wear a pantsuit; next to the magnificent dress of the hero of the occasion, he will look out of place.
  • Ribbons with inscriptions are put on top of the attire for witnesses. «Witness», «Witness», which in itself already indicates that they bear a great responsibility for the successful conduct of the wedding.
  • The witness should not wear high-heeled shoes, because she will have to walk and run a lot, and her dead legs will not bring much joy to either her or the guests. Shoes should be comfortable, worn in advance.
  • Makeup and hairstyle should be in tone along with, the embodiment of modesty and festivity.

Appearance of the witness.

Responsibilities before the wedding

The witness is needed not only at the wedding, her duties begin long before the celebration. You need to run around the shops in search of the most beautiful wedding dress, think over the ransom scenario, be «lighter», uplifting at a bachelorette party.

In addition to resolving issues of the organizational plan, the main duty of the witness is to psychologically support her friend, sacrificing some personal plans for this, putting off urgent matters. This is where true friendship really passes the test..

Dress selection

The witness provides all possible assistance in choosing a wedding dress. Choosing a suitable wedding dress is not so easy, given the nervousness, changeable mood of a friend before the wedding. You will have to see tears more than once, even cry with her, until you choose one of the dresses. If you give practical advice, help you choose a dress that will hide the flaws of her figure, emphasize the merits, you will not have to choose.

Choosing a dress is not easy.

Bachelorette Party Organization

Who, if not a witness, should be entrusted with holding a bachelorette party before the wedding? Be prepared to go through this test as well. Although you should not organize a bachelorette party yourself, actively involve girlfriends in the preparation, it will be even more fun. You must choose a suitable venue for the event, draw up an entertainment program, prepare an original surprise. The bachelorette party should go so that the bride said: «Well and walked up! After this, you can marry!»

High hen party photo

After the bachelorette party, the witness is obliged to provide the bride and groom with rest so that she regains strength before the wedding.

Buyback scenario

The ransom is an extremely exciting moment at the wedding, remembered by the newlyweds for life. The ransom ceremony does not take place without the participation of a witness. Together with the girlfriends, you will have to write a redemption script in advance, come up with interesting entertaining tasks. Try to select such tasks that are individually suitable for your couple, then it will be interesting to everyone.

Even though you «are selling» bride, do not demand too much money from the groom, this is not the main thing. Let him better show how ready he is to fight for a narrowed one, go through a series of obstacles and contests, show his ingenuity, determination.

Keep in mind that to know the script text by heart, pronouncing it without hesitation is the duty of the witness. If something is forgotten, be able to improvise in your own words, sticking to the topic. The bride and groom are waiting in the next room until they buy it. Do not upset her with your forgetfulness or sluggishness.


Decoration of the apartment, entrance

On the wedding day, the groom comes to the apartment with his friends to buy the narrowed one and pick up at the registry office. In order for the ransom process to become solemn and memorable, the witness decorates the porch accordingly, so that it becomes festive from a dull one. Assign your girlfriends, younger siblings to cut jewelry, and you yourself can become a creator.

Decoration of the entrance to the entrance with balloons photo

Decorate the floor with rose petals, colorful confetti. The floor looks original, painted under a stencil with various patterns. Well, if the porch floor is in terrible condition, the red carpet will be the best way.

Decoration of the floor in the staircase with rose petals

We cling paper flowers, garlands, balloons to the walls. Buy them or do it yourself, for this you will not need special skills and a lot of time.

DIY porch decorations

A variety of original decorations for the apartment and entrance used in the foreclosure are shown in the video.

Successfully used for this purpose colored crayons, they paint the walls of the staircase, so that later it was easy to erase them from the walls.

Attach a bright holiday poster or a basket of flowers or just a buttonhole to the apartment’s door.

Wedding basket on the door of the bride’s apartment

Wedding Day Responsibilities

The witness’s duty at the wedding is to be at the bride’s house in the morning to help her put on her wedding dress, do her hair, think through the details, while creating a cheerful mood. She has to defend the ransom procedure, be near her in the registry office, play an important role during the marriage ceremony. The witness should be the shadow of a friend, accompany her throughout the wedding, solve problems arising with outfit, makeup, shoes, hair.

She is obliged to protect the newlywed so that she is not kidnapped, and if the theft is discovered, make every effort to return the main culprit of the wedding. I’ll have to prove myself in all its glory, go through with the witness a lot of fun difficulties, difficult trials.

Wedding Witness Contest

It’s a hard day ahead, so get ready thoroughly!

Gathering bride

The main role in collecting the bride for the wedding belongs to the witness. Her responsibilities include knowledge of the stages of the celebration, to tell her friend how to behave in different situations. She needs to collect her passport, wedding rings, champagne, glasses, and other items that will be needed at the wedding ceremony in advance. You need to check everything several times, because this day does not provide any unpleasant surprises.

The main assistant comes to the bride home in advance, because the collection takes a lot of time. She examines the wedding dress again, is everything okay with him. Perhaps you need to hem or let go somewhere else. If everything is fine, it helps to dress.

The witness dresses the bride

While the bride is waiting for the hairdresser and makeup artist, your responsibility is to collect everything you need. You are a maid of honor, so let your handbag have everything that can come in handy during a walk, a shoot or a banquet. Think about these details of your responsibilities in advance..

Here is a sample list of what you need to prepare in advance for the wedding:

  • Passport
  • Handbag with makeup, handkerchief
  • Spare stockings or tights
  • Umbrella if the weather goes bad
  • A needle with a thread, several pins
  • Comb, hairpins, hairpins
  • Small first aid kit (pill from the head, ammonia, cotton wool, patch)
  • Mobile phone
  • The camera, camcorder, do not forget to check the charging
  • Rose petals, millet, small coins, sweets. All these will sprinkle young on leaving the registry office.
  • Pre-written scripts, hand-picked toasts

Moral support

The bride’s best friend, like no other, will understand her experiences, djpvj; ye. panic before the celebration of the wedding. Know how to find the right words, give good advice, reassure and support. Moral support is your main concern. Let it be hard sometimes, stock up on valerian, justify the trust placed.

In the registry office

After overcoming all the obstacles, the groom takes the narrowed from his father's house, in a festively decorated car, they are sent together to the Wedding Palace. It is customary for a witness to sit near the groom, and a witness near the bride.

The responsibilities of the witness in the registry office include assistance during the painting. During the marriage ceremony, the witness must first stand next to the groom. When it comes time to lay out the wedding towel for the young, the witness's duty to do this with the witness.

Witnesses spread young wedding towel

Some cases include affixing and signing of witnesses.

Immediately after painting, the guests come up, congratulate the young with the registration of marriage. At this time, the witness should be reconstructed and stand near the bride in order to receive bouquets from her hands.

At the banquet

At the wedding table, witnesses are sitting next to the newlyweds. Their responsibilities here are to help young people receive gifts and flowers. The witness must ensure that the shoe is not stolen from the bride. If this happens, the organization of bargaining with her «a thief», buyback shoes. During dances, witnesses help the host to organize various games and competitions in which they themselves take an active part.

The witness is participating in the competition

The main duty of witnesses is to charge guests at the wedding with their positive. They are the center of attention constantly: they make toasts, invite everyone to dance, and with their jokes they help the host of the wedding or the host to connect guests to competitions, congratulations. On the right witnesses, how successful and memorable the wedding will turn out depends on.

Witnesses toast


During a walk or photographing, the witness must be near the bride, wear her clothes, make sure that they don’t forget anything. Also its functions include help, assistance to the photographer, operator when shooting young. The witness corrects her clothes, tells her how best to pose, and makes the bride smile with jokes. Photoshoot of a young couple is not always easy and pleasant. The bride can get tired of tight shoes or a hot dress. The main assistant must quickly navigate, finding a way out of this situation.

If you have not changed your mind and are ready to fulfill this honorable mission, then good luck! Do not forget to share in your comments your impressions of those responsibilities of the witness at the wedding, which you particularly succeeded.