Badges for wedding witnesses


The wedding day is approaching, and like all newlyweds, you want it to be bright, interesting, memorable. Wedding dresses have already been invented, guests are invited, it remains to solve small questions on design. Try to diversify your wedding with interesting playful moments. Let the highlight of the holiday be the presentation of honorary decorative badges to your witnesses.

Why do I need badges for witnesses?

Traditional red ribbons «honorary witness» gave way to a wedding Olympus with badges with similar inscriptions. So much more convenient and more aesthetically pleasing. Silk ribbon slipping off the shoulder often prevented the witness and the witness from feeling comfortable. To highlight the most important friends of the newlyweds, the wedding industry went further: such insignia were invented.

There are many offers for other important guests of the wedding celebration - «honorary matchmaker», «beloved mother in law», «Older brother», «cousin» and others like that. Among others present, it will be easier to distinguish them. But the badges attached to the clothes of witnesses must be different in design so that even from afar it can be seen that these are the second most important people at a wedding after the bride and groom.

What are the wedding witness badges?

Badges are selected depending on the style of the wedding: it can be badges, medals on ribbons, and not necessarily round. A wedding is a day of uniting loving hearts, therefore, having shown imagination, you can come up with an original form, for example, stars or hearts. Having demonstrated a creative approach, the groom and the bride will make their marriage an interesting event with memorable moments.

Funny metal badges

Badges - this is the little detail that will help make your wedding special and memorable. Comic pictures and inscriptions on wedding metal badges will for many years remind you of the moments of universal fun at the time of their delivery. A happy day in the life of loved ones is always a holiday. And these small souvenirs are original, as they can be personalized, therefore they are more valuable.

Made in one style, metal badges can contain not only funny inscriptions, but also pictures. Here are some examples of fun nominations:

  • «The most sober guest»,
  • «For the best dance»,
  • «For active participation in competitions»,
  • «For the most interesting toast».

Having a little imagination, some newlyweds make individual badges with cartoons for the main guests, adding funny inscriptions.

Wedding badges with humor

Badges for witnesses decorated with ribbons

Badges intended for friends are an opportunity to distinguish them among other guests. For witnesses, they acquire not just insignia, but frame them with a pink and blue satin ribbon, by gender, because you can immediately distinguish them among the guests. The tape can be fixed in diameter in the form of chamomile or as a loop with long ends. Sometimes near the inscription «witness», «witness» write the names of the owners of this honorary title. For witnesses and girlfriends, the badges are proposed to be fixed with a tape on the wrist instead of a boutonniere bracelet.

Decor ribbons badges for witnesses

Decorated with flowers and lace

A wedding badge decorated with airy lace along the contour will be amazingly combined with the theme of the celebration. If the pattern of openwork fabric is repeated in the decoration of the bride’s dress, a common single image of the holiday is created. Artificial flowers can also be a worthy setting for a memorial sign. An elegant addition to the decoration will be a small bead. The fastening is best done in the form of a transparent clip so that there are no puncture marks from the pin on the clothes.

Witness icons with flowers and lace.

Exclusive custom badges

If the newlyweds want to make their wedding exclusive, then it is worth paying special attention to the distinctive signs that are planned to be handed to a certain group of guests. A non-standard personalized approach to the appearance of the accessory will mean that future spouses did not deprive any of the guests for whom it was intended.

It is better to order solid badges from professionals, sharing your wishes with them. Applied modern technology allows you to make souvenirs in a single copy. Made in one color scheme, but differing from each other in small details, such decorative ornaments will stand out favorably. The simplest, but made with love, version of the badge is to come up with a design yourself, cut it out of cardboard and sign and decorate it yourself.

Exclusive Wedding Badges

Video: Wedding Witness Badge Review

It would seem that it might be easier to choose the icons for a wedding celebration? But delving deeper into this topic, sometimes newlyweds are lost on which option to stop, because everyone is good and attractive in his own way. After watching the video we have proposed, you can quickly determine and purchase such accessories for witnesses and wedding guests or make them yourself by studying the manufacturing instructions.

The samples presented in the video can serve only as the basis and starting point for the flight of your imagination. Even small changes to the accessory can significantly affect the appearance. For example, change the color of the silk ribbon from white to bright red, if the style of the decor of the room requires it - and everything looks different. The decision is up to the newlyweds - watch the video, choose:

Photo of wedding badges for witnesses

Having received on our website the necessary start-up information on the insignia for the witness and witness, you will be able to quickly decide on what type of accessories you need to purchase. Remember the little rule for witnesses, taken from folk traditions: the badge is attached to the guy on the lapel of the suit on the left side, and the girl on the dress - on the right. He is an alternative to the boutonniere, so you need to approach his choice with all responsibility. A selection of photos will help in choosing.

Examples of wedding badges