How to choose a wedding witness


Witnesses at a wedding are honorary and responsible persons, the main assistants to the bride and groom. At modern ceremonies, their presence is optional, but the newlyweds can not do without help. After all, witnesses solve many organizational issues, participate in contests, and if there is no host at the banquet, make sure that the guests are fed and cheerful. We will talk about which witnesses to choose for the wedding and who should not be hired for these posts..

Criteria for choosing good wedding witnesses

As a rule, one of the couple’s close friends becomes witnesses of the newlyweds. It is not easy for those who marry later than all their friends, because by tradition, assistants to the bride and groom should be single. These girls are allowed to choose two girls or guys, but it so happened that a girlfriend or friend of the bride / groom and her / his boyfriend or girlfriend are invited. People must be selected very responsibly so that the celebration is interesting. Wrongly chosen witnesses only add extra trouble to the newlyweds, especially if during the holiday they abuse alcohol.

The main requirements for assistants at the wedding:

1. Responsibility.

2. Organizational skills.

3.Good sense of humor.

4. Ability to communicate.

5. The ability to quickly find a way out of difficult situations.

6. Nice appearance.

Unmarried people

You cannot choose two married people, divorced or married to each other at a wedding. It is believed that a married couple will bring misfortune to the young, and because of divorced witnesses, the newlyweds can also divorce over time. It is also not recommended that widowers be elected to this position, so as not to repeat their fate, because their family life somehow did not work out.


Witnesses should not be lazy, they need to possess such qualities as willingness to help. Therefore, many newlyweds choose their close friends for this position, whom they have trusted for many years. Some far-sighted brides choose a relative of their husband as a friend, showing respect for his relatives. This is justified, because only a relative can be more than others interested in the perfect conduct of the event.

Choose your best friend as a witness

Free time

Witnesses chosen for the wedding should have a lot of free time not only on the day of the thinning out of this important event, but also a few days before the celebration. They need to take an active part in the preparation / conduct of the stag and hen party, and this also requires a lot of time. Even if the groom will prepare the bachelor party, the witness will still have to choose a cultural program, and also after the bachelor party and before the wedding, have time to sleep well.

Organizational skills

The presence of organizational abilities in witnesses is a mandatory quality when choosing. After all, people who have not even met before will attend the wedding, so they may be shy of each other. Witnesses should be organized, direct the holiday in the right direction, introduce people, make them feel relaxed and be able to hide their excitement. Especially if there is no invited host, then the whole organization of the wedding banquet falls on their shoulders.

What wedding witnesses should do?

Newlywed assistants have official wedding responsibilities that they must comply with. Therefore, when choosing them, the couple must take into account the fact how much a person can cope with the tasks. Watch a video of advice from a professional wedding planner about what a witness should be like and about his duties on that day:

Duties of the witness

The duties of the bridesmaid include:

  • selection and fitting of a wedding dress;
  • banquet hall decoration;
  • organization of a table in a restaurant;
  • being near the newlywed every minute on the day of the celebration.

It is important that the bridesmaid was not dressed too extravagantly, and understood that she was not the main person at the celebration. The girlfriend should not be completely different from the newlywed in terms of clothing style, so as not to draw attention to wedding photos and videos. The witness takes an active part when the bride’s ransom is in progress, and ensures that nothing is forgotten that day..

Duties of the witness

The duties of the assistant groom include:

  • assistance in all organizational matters;
  • wedding car decoration;
  • organization and process of bride redemption;
  • organization and participation in the bachelor party;
  • assistance to the host in carrying out all activities;
  • alcohol restriction;
  • creating a fun holiday atmosphere.

Witness must not abuse alcohol

How to choose witnesses for the wedding: signs

Popular signs say that if the newlyweds choose to help the married people among themselves, then the marriage of witnesses will soon fall apart. Even old-timers say that young people should not be an assistant to the newlyweds more than two times. For the third time, they should already be the bride or groom at their own wedding, otherwise Mendelssohn’s march may never sound for them. It’s good that folk signs do not always work, so you can not be too superstitious, but choose people based on your own preferences.

Properly chosen witnesses are the key to success of a wedding