The role of the witness at the wedding


The witness at the wedding is an indispensable assistant, organizer, right hand for the bride. She will correct her hair and make-up in time, help in the preparation of the wedding, see if she has forgotten anything, and, most importantly, she will be there on this exciting day. The role of a witness at a wedding cannot be overestimated, so the most responsible, attentive, sociable of unmarried friends should be chosen.

Who to choose for the role of witness

Before you decide on one of your friends, you should carefully approach this issue. Choose the one that will be for the future wife - a real helper, support, help organize a celebration, will keep under control the various situations that arise during the wedding. There are several main requirements that a witness must meet for a wedding:

  • A close friend who knows you like no one else, in time to cheer, advise, help.
  • According to tradition, an unmarried girl.
  • Necessarily the most responsible, attentive, with good organizational abilities, sense of humor girl.

It is important that the witness is a person close to you, on whom you can rely, who knows all your secrets, with whom you will feel confident, whether it is a relative or girlfriend. If you have an unmarried sister, this is an ideal candidate for a witness, because who knows you better than she? Sister will always give good advice, support, encourage, nurture and help with organizational matters..

Sister - witness at the wedding

The image of the witness

The appearance of the witness for the wedding plays an important role. She is the main person after the bride and groom at the celebration and will attract the views of others. Therefore, the choice of outfit, hairstyle and makeup come with a special responsibility. It is necessary to abandon the outfits of white, and give preference to pastel shades, and if the wedding is thematic, with the predominance of certain colors, choose a dress of a suitable shade. Too explicit dresses with too deep necklines or a short mini should not be worn for a wedding.

Options for dresses for the witness

Makeup can be done by the same master who will deal with the future wife. A professional knows well what shade of shades to choose, how rich the makeup should be. You can also do your own hair: large curls are always relevant, a neat slightly curly styling will suit any outfit. Intricate hairstyles should be entrusted to the master, so as not to look ridiculous. You also need to take into account the boutonniere, which is attached to the dress or on the arm of the bridesmaid, it must be combined with the other colors of the dress.

Boutonniere - a must-have witness

What the witness should do:

The role of the witness is not limited to tinting the lips of the bride and wedding competitions. The witness performs her function long before the wedding day: organizes a bachelorette party, helps to choose a dress, solves organizational issues along with the groom, draws up a ransom scenario, prepares all the necessary props in advance. And according to tradition, the witness chooses a wedding garter for the bride.

Before the wedding, in preparation for the bachelorette party

An important duty of a witness before a wedding is the organization of a fun and unforgettable bachelorette party. She agrees with the bride the list of friends who will be invited to the bachelorette party, decides together with the girls what gift to buy the culprit of the occasion, deals with other organizational issues of preparing the wedding.

To facilitate the process of organizing a bachelorette party, the witness must draw up a plan where it is necessary to paint the most important details of the celebration. You should also pre-calculate the budget of the celebration, choose a venue, determine the theme, outfits and surprises for the bride. Sample plan for preparing for a bachelorette party:

  • Prepare a list of invited friends, having previously agreed with the bride.
  • Buy cards for bachelorette party invitations or send them electronically.
  • Solve the issue with photo and video shooting to leave a memory of this beautiful day.
  • To prepare a script, contests, surprises, as well as a venue, having pre-booked a table in a cafe, a sauna, a VIP room in a club, decorating an apartment in the style of: pajama party, etc..

Pajama party - have fun at a bachelorette party

Help the bride on the day of celebration

The witness on the most exciting wedding day is not easy to assist the bride, she is the right hand, an integral part of this celebration. On the wedding day, the witness helps to dress the bride, corrects makeup, hair and practically does not move away from the culprit of the holiday. The witness does not need to rely on free time during the wedding, she will be snapped up, but these efforts will bring only pleasant emotions and a good mood.

During the registration of the marriage, the role of the witness will not be limited to the formalities of the registry office, she will also have to coordinate the guests. When guests start giving presents, she is nearby to help the newlyweds. A witness with a witness picks up flowers, leaving only her wedding bouquet in the hands of the bride. If the wedding is complete without a host, then the friend is the duty to prepare a script for the celebration, interesting contests. Therefore, the main requirement for this role is to have excellent organizational skills so as not to make guests and newlyweds bored.

The witness in the role of toastmaster at the wedding

The role of the witness in ransoms at a wedding

The ransom is one of the most interesting events during the wedding, which also falls on the shoulders of the bridesmaids. The role of friends at this stage of the wedding: preparation of the ransom scenario, the choice of details. Buyback is not an easy task; to come up with an interesting, not outdated scenario is not so easy. To make everything fun it’s not worth coming up with a new bike - add a bit of romance, give the groom an opportunity to show how well he knows his soul mate, imagine everything in a playful way.

Hospital style bride ransom witness

The main thing, arranging a ransom, the bridesmaid should correctly calculate the time, without too much delaying this process. From three to five contests will be sufficient, each lasting no more than five minutes. It is also advisable to refuse contests with alcohol in order not to bring the groom to a state of intoxication, but, on the contrary, add excitement and vivacity to the mood of the newlyweds. Redemption can also take place with the participation of children, this will add zest and originality to the game..

Witness speech at a wedding

It is customary that the friend congratulates the newlyweds one of the last, so her speech should remain in memory, the soul of the bride and groom. It is important that the words of congratulation be sincere, kind, bear positive, and how it will be said is of great importance. It is definitely worth saying words of gratitude for the honorary title of a witness, refuse standard templates, wish something from the heart, with love, warmth. Poems will sound great if they are written by you, and simple notes found on the Internet will not add originality to your congratulations.

Watch the video how the original and sincere witness congratulated the newlyweds:

To be a witness at a wedding is the best, unforgettable moment in the life of every girl, therefore it is worthwhile to approach to the performance of your duties with responsibility. After all, a lot of things depend on the witness during the wedding, she is one of those who make this holiday fun, unforgettable. Therefore, choose a witness with special trepidation and attention..